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Study programmes

Aesthetics (full-time)
Archeology (full-time)
Art history (full-time)
Bulgarian language and culture (full-time)
Central European studies (full-time)
Classical languages (full-time)
Croatian language and culture (full-time)
dejiny umenia - história (full-time)
English language and culture (full-time)
Ethnology (full-time)
etnológia - filozofia (full-time)
etnológia - história (full-time)
etnológia - muzeológia (full-time)
etnológia - muzikológia (full-time)
etnológia - religionistika (full-time)
filozofia - história (full-time)
filozofia - religionistika (full-time)
filozofia - sociológia (full-time)
francúzsky jazyk a kultúra (v kombinácii) (full-time)
grécky jazyk a kultúra (v kombinácii) (full-time)
história - religionistika (full-time)
History (full-time)
Hungarian language and culture (full-time)
informačné štúdiá - muzeológia (full-time)
Information studies (full-time)
Italian language and culture (full-time)
Journalism (full-time)
latinský jazyk a kultúra (v kombinácii) (full-time)
Marketing communication (full-time)
muzikológia (full-time)
nemecký jazyk a kultúra (v kombinácii) (full-time)
Pedagogy (full-time)
Philosophy (full-time)
Political science (full-time)
Psychology (full-time)
Religionistics (full-time)
Russian and Eastern European studies (full-time)
Russian language and culture (full-time)
Slovak language and culture (full-time)
slovanské štúdiá (full-time)
Sociology (full-time)
Spanish language and culture (full-time)
Teaching of Subjects english language and literature (full-time)
Teaching of Subjects of German language and Literature (full-time)
Teaching of Subjects of History (full-time)
Teaching of Subjects of Hungarian language and literature (full-time)
Teaching of Subjects of Philosophy (full-time)
učiteľstvo slovenského jazyka a literatúry (v kombinácii) (full-time)
východoázijské jazyky a kultúry (full-time)

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