Electronic university application

Central Development Project, Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport

Purpose of the project:
Fulfillment of government Resolution number 677 of 15 August 2007, in which the government of the Slovak Republic ratified the proposal for Electronisation of university application - A Feasibility Study as a component of the road map for launching electronic services of public administration.

On the basis of ratification of the mentioned material, a request was made for the preparation of the project Electronisation of university application, which deals with the possibility of introducing a service of central electronic registration of applicants for university study at all universities for all degrees of study through the use of information and communication technologies via an Internet portal for Slovak universities.

In 2009 a pilot operation was launched pertaining to 3 universities and 10 secondary schools. More information can be found directly at the project http://www.prihlaskavs.sk

Go to central application for universities

Goal following from the government resolution:

To design a system for introducing a central electronic university application which

  • will create an organisational and technical solution for university applicants allowing for a transparent environment and a unified method of applying for university study,

  • will contribute to the simplification of administration of university acceptance activities and the integration of data which school computer centres and universities obtain and the realisation of the principles of e-government

Goals of the central electronic university application:

  • Creation of a transparent environment for all applicants for university study.

  • Unification of application administration.

  • Making the process of applying to university easier and more effective for the applicant.

Main advantages of central administration from the Slovak Universities Portal

(advantages for the applicant, advantages for universities):

  • an Internet portal available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, operated on the newest equipment

  • use of a central database for accredited study programmes

  • use of individual university and faculty databases

  • use of a central registry for students (dowloading of data)

  • decreasing office work at universities which have not yet implemented an electronic application process

  • speeding up and improving the quality of internal processes

  • making decision-making processes more effective

  • a system of authorisation of applications

  • an applicant enters personal data only once (in the case of submitting more than one application)

  • obtaining information necessary for electronic application in a short time from one location when filling out applications

  • the opportunity to use data about an applicant from a previous year

  • the opportunity to send an application to a number of universities without having to repeatedly enter identical data

  • the opportunity to correct data prior to sending

  • online tracking of application status

  • exchange of formats between the central application and universities

  • electronic payments

  • strong user support – HelpDesk

  • the connection of applications and results of statewide leaving exams, the opportunity to import school results from data of school computing centres

  • simpler electronic confirmation of an application to a university by a secondary school director

  • the execution of different calculations, statistics