This registration does not serve to the registration of users who interested make through an application to university. For successful biddings of electronic application is need to visit web side

Within the portals, you can use only one username and password. In the event that there is a duplicate registration is required to immediately contact the administrator PortalVS ( In case of registration for project submissions apply to adress The second registration is canceled, because system errors may occur.

In the case of KEGA projects, not only the lead investigators of KEGA projects, but also all the members of the team must be registered. The registration is also used by users who are authorized to edit content for the respective university / faculty / place of study.

With registering give you also consent to the processing of your identity data which are stored in the database for projects related to assessment.

Head solutionists / promoters must have in CRZ (central register of employees) adduced 100% industrial accident on university, where projects will be resolving.