Accessibility statement

This website aims to provide maximum accessibility and usability by the majority of known methods. Meets all the essential principles of accessibility according to the method Blind Friendly Web.

The web is defined in relative units and its contents can easily zoom in and out using the standard tools of web browsers.

Presentation layout and content is created in a structured XHTML 1.1 Visual presentation is designed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Cascading style sheets can be turned off using the link "Text" in the header of web pages (you can then turn them over "graphic version"). This functionality needs to have cookies enabled in your browser.


For the most important navigation elements are preparing the site using keyboard shortcuts. (access)

  • Alt + 1
  • Alt + 2
  • Alt + 3

If you have any problems with access to the content or functionality of the site, please contact the author.