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Within the frame of project Portal VŠ, we want to know your experience with the portal, your views, suggestions and suggestions for improving it. For this reason, we provide you a questionnaire, which aim is upgrade access to information about universities, improving and upgrading other related modules. In order to obtain accurate and objective information on this subject, we ask you to respond truthfully. The questionnaire is anonymous. Completing the questionnaire takes about 5 minutes of your time.

Information about the respondent:

Opinion questions at Portal VŠ

4. How do you rate the Portal VŠ - from the following aspects?
  excellent very good good satisfactory bad
5. Have you used the following user's electronic support (HelpDesk - User Support) during your work at the University Portal?
  yes no
6. If you used the user's electronic support, how satisfied were you with them?
  very partially absolutely

19. In case you contacted HELPDESK, you were satisfied:
  very partially absolutely

22. If yes, what type of paid advertising would you like to welcome to the University Portal? (Multiple responses)