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The focus of scientific research and educational activities of the Faculty of Science of the UCM is in accordance with the position and role of natural sciences in the current stage of development of society to bring new knowledge that leads to innovation of technologies, the use of renewable resources for the production of new products, new energy sources in the context of environmentally appropriate technologies and with the maximum use of ICT technologies. Therefore, we focus on deepening research cooperation with major departmental research institutes, universities and institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. This orientation is implemented in line with the increased support for science and research at universities. Putting these objectives into practice requires highly educated specialists. Therefore, the educational activity is also directly linked to the faculty's scientific and research activity. It gives space for the implementation of creative activities of students in all levels of higher education studies implemented at the faculty. Teaching is gradually being reoriented to a multidisciplinary character, including laboratory practice and the solution of research and educational projects in which we also involve students, especially PhD students. This also reflects the main goal of studies at our faculty, to prepare a versatile graduate to meet the labour market in the conditions of development trends of the knowledge society and its sustainable development. The curricula include some humanities and management disciplines, purposeful language training and a relatively wide range of elective subjects complementing professional education, which contribute to the development of personality and meet the requirements placed on graduates immediately upon their entry into practice.

The aim or mission of the educational activity of the Faculty of Physics of the UCM is to educate graduates with a broader outlook, able to make a qualified contribution to the solution of professional and specific problems of the development of society at different levels and stages of development, to develop science and education in the context of democratic, moral and ethical principles. At the present stage, special emphasis in the graduate training is placed on the specifics of development in the first decades of the 21st century, the development of the information and knowledge society in the intentions of sustainability with the transition to the bio-economy by the first third of this century. These basic elements and requirements have been accepted and translated into the curricula.

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Accommodation is provided in accordance with the University's internal regulations in student residences. For more information you can visit our university website.

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Food is provided in the canteens, in the buildings of UCM.


The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

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