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Faculty of Mechanical engineering, STU in Bratislava offers a universal education in technology. Mechanical engineers can find job not only in traditional mechanical industries, but also in the automotive, electrical, food, chemical industries, in civil and power engineering, simply at all places where mechanical or mechatronic devices are operated. Many of our graduates have reached high positions in large companies such as Volkswagen, Peugeot - Citroën, Siemens, IBM, BMW, Mercedes and many others.

The Faculty of Engineering of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava enables you to obtain a universal technical education. Mechanical engineers are applied not only in the classical mechanical engineering industry, but also in the automotive, electrical, food and chemical industries, in the construction industry, in the energy industry, in the metallurgical industry and everywhere where machine-technological equipment is operated. Many of our graduates have achieved prominent positions in global companies such as Volkswagen, PSA Peugeoet Citroën, Siemens, IBM, BMW and others.

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Accommodation for students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of STU in Bratislava

at the dormitory MLADÁ GARDA Račianska 103, Bratislava

contact person:
Bc. Lucia Horvátová - Department of Pedagogical Activities
Tel.: 02 / 57296 135

Patrícia Šipošová - student representative


Other services

Coordinator for students with special needs

Mgr. Alena Cepková, PhD.
tel.: +421 908 769 899

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