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If an employee of the University terminates the employment relationship at the University, e.g. as of 31.12.2012, will its entry remain in the Register in 2013 and later?

Information about terminated employment can be processed in the system ten years after the end of the employment. After this period, the data will not be made available.


What does the date of termination of the employment relationship indicate?

1. When changing the functional classification, the date of termination of the employment relationship is indicated for the employee, and the date of starting the new functional classification is the new employment relationship.

2. When starting maternity leave, parental leave or unpaid leave, persons are still employees of the university, but during the duration of MD, RD and NV they are out of the register status. These persons have an employment relationship terminated by the date of joining MD, RD, NV, and when they return to the record status of university employees, they have the indicated date of employment start.

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