Frequently Asked Questions - Registration


I can't register as a new assessor, while the KEGA invitation only provides a link to the manual and emails in case of problems. What next?

A link for registering a new user is also published in every Kega challenge. As a new user, you can register in the VŠ portal via the link


I want to ask, where can I download the application form for the KEGA project?

The KEGA project is submitted via, that's why it refers you to this page. In the "Projects" menu, you will find the current KEGA challenge, where you will find a link to registration and other important information.


I am unable to register foreign solvers and solvers from SAV Bratislava. I follow the instructions exactly, I get a reply that the e-mail is registered, but when I want to add a solver, the given solver is not there in the menu. How to proceed further?

The e-mail address serves as a login name, so you cannot use the same e-mail address for different people. Each person must have their own address. At the same time, I have to point out that SAV solvers are registered in the item "Other cooperating institution, such as a public university" only as a whole, not by name (you can specify a contact person), as they are not financed by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.


I can't get to the portal, I already received the VEGA password from you, can you help me?

Since VEGA does not go through the portal, you must register. There is a link for registration in the materials you received. You need to register here. You must also register each co-investigator through this line. It is very important to indicate the correct university and faculty during registration.


We are having trouble adding a co-investigator on the KEGA comprehensive form page. We cannot add an unregistered member - the selection is limited to registered presenters only... Do we have to register all co-researchers separately?

In order to monitor solver capacities, it is necessary that each solver be registered at Therefore, if you want to add a co-investigator, you must first register him via the registration link provided in the project materials.


I can't register as a new grant applicant, could you please help me?

In the materials you received about the project, you have a link for new user registration in the KEGA call announcement. You have to register through this. And everyone you want to add as a co-researcher must also be registered through this link.


I can't get to the application, after entering my email address and password (from my home address), the program won't let me continue. I would like to see the fields that I have to fill in beforehand. How do I get to the application?

You do not have an account to submit projects in our system, please register by following the instructions in the prompt.

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