Frequently Asked Questions - Conferences


We are interested in adding the conference to the PortalVŠ page, how can we do so?

If you want to add a conference to the University Portal page, you can add it directly on the page in the "Employee" section after clicking on the "Conferences and seminars" option, where the option is "+Add event".


We will organize an international scientific conference. There is a "Conferences and seminars" section on the university portal - I want to ask if it would be possible to present this conference within it and under what conditions?

You can add the conference to the portal yourself. You need to click on Conferences/seminars and at the bottom on the right side there is the option "+add event". Here you can choose whether you are entering the event for a university or for another organization. If you enter it on behalf of a university, the event will be moved for approval by the event administrator for your university. If you are entering the event on behalf of another organization, a form will open for you to fill in the event. However, we still have to confirm the event. Confirmation is necessary in order to prevent any nonsense or duplicate information. So you don't have to worry that we wouldn't add the conference there.
Another possibility is that your administrator (event manager at your university) adds it directly to the portal, and then we no longer have to confirm it.

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