Frequently Asked Questions - Variously


I want to change my login email address, how do I do it?

Hello, if you wish to change your email address, you must contact the Helpdesk, where the staff will change your email address upon request.


I want to ask why I can't find a registered associate professor in the list of co-investigators?

If the associate professor is not in the list of co-investigators, it is either because his account is blocked or because the university and faculty are not listed in his account.


I am an accepted co-investigator in the KEGA project, however when trying to add my name to the final report it is not possible because my name is not in the list of co-investigators. How should I go about solving this deficiency?

If you are not in the list of co-researchers and you are registered on the VS portal, it is because you do not have a university and faculty entered in your account. Write to us at, we will complete this information for you.


After logging in to and clicking on the Kega annual report link, a message appears: "There is currently no call for submission of projects of this type. No projects found." How do I proceed in order to write an annual report?

On the initial screen of in the upper left corner, the active link "Log in" is displayed, which you can use to access your account, where you can find more detailed information on how to access the annual and final report online forms. After logging in (that is, it is necessary to enter login data), the initial screen is loaded, where a menu is displayed in the left part, where it is necessary to click on the link "Manage projects". The exact procedure for accessing the forms can be found in the "Manuals" section.


Is it possible to add a co-investigator who is not listed at the beginning of the project during the solution period?

You can add a new co-researcher even during the project solution period. His name must be added to the annual or final report and the reason why a specific co-investigator was added should be stated in the section "Justification of the change of co-investigator team".


Where can I find an electronic application for a KEGA grant? I registered on the university portal and I did not find the application in the section

After logging in to the portal page of the University, on the left side under "Choose" you also have the item "Manage projects". After clicking on it, you will see three items, the first of which is "Submit project". After clicking on it, the "Active calls" menu will open and here you will also find the "Submit a project" column, under which there is already a specific form for the KEGA electronic application.


Where can I find the KEGA project submission form?

The form for submitting the KEGA project can be found after logging into the portal of the University in the menu "Management of projects".


When I print the project in PDF, on the second page on the left there should be the name and surname of the project leader and on the right of the rector or authorized official. I would like to use my computer to write my name and the dean's name on the right with titles, but I can't get to that page. Or should we just sign the printed project with a pen? And won't our names appear there in electronic form?

Just sign it. Your name will be there in the list of solvers as the project leader. The dean's signature does not have to be there (in some schools it is not the dean, but the vice-dean, or another authorized person), his signature is sufficient. Alternatively, write it with a pen.


I'm submitting a new KEGA project and I'm having trouble registering a co-researcher. I've already registered her once and she doesn't appear in the selection. I tried to register them again, but it says that this person is already registered, but I still can't see them in the list and I can't select them. Can you help me?

You must specify the person in question (name, surname, university, e-mail address). Probably, the university or faculty was not entered and therefore you do not see it in the list.


What should I do if I entered the wrong title during registration? Is it possible to overwrite this error in the system, re-register with the correct data?

You can change the title yourself. You need to log in and select the item "Edit my data" in the menu.


If I started a new project by mistake, can I cancel it? If so, how should I proceed?

No, the project cannot be cancelled. However, this does not matter, the project will be sent to the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic only after it has been submitted (then it will receive a different number).

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