Frequently Asked Questions - General


I would like to know where I can find information on how to pay the university application fee. By check or bank transfer? Where would I find account numbers or payment instructions?

All important information can be found at the relevant university faculty in the section designated for study applicants.


I would like to ask if you could tell me when the winter semester starts at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University (Newly admitted student)?

All newly admitted students should be informed about the start of the academic year by the university, either on the registration of students for the 1st year or through the academic information system. The teaching schedule for the given academic year is also published by the university on its website.


I have a question about the fees for studying at 2 universities. In May, I finished my bachelor's studies at the EU BA and I was accepted for the 1st degree of the UK BA and I want to complete the 2nd degree of the EU BA as an external study, which is charged. I was informed that it is charged, even though according to me and the available information, it is charged as a parallel study if I were to study the same degree. at 2 schools at the same time. Can you please advise me how it is assessed in this case and whether there is an obligation to pay if I study full-time and complete my secondary school externally - for a fee.

If you want to study the 1st degree again, you have to pay for this study, as this study is considered to exceed the standard length of study. Exceeding the standard length of study is subject to fees, the amount of which is determined by the college.


I would like to align the text. I can't find the icon to align the text to the block when I fill in the data about the programs. Where can I find it?

There is no such option when editing data for study programs. You can see all text editing options on the bar in the field you are filling in.


I did not use the correct password to log into the system and the system blocked my access. I have already been asked for a new password, but the system says that I am blocked from access. Can you please help me solve this problem?

You must contact the helpdesk of the university portal by phone or email to have your account unblocked.


Since we still have old data on the university portal, I would like to ask to whom should we report changes or extensions of the deadline for admission interviews?

The university or the faculty administrator of the relevant university.


Can you send me a new password?

Once you have created a username, you can get your password by clicking on the "regenerate" option.

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