Frequently Asked Questions - Login


Why after entering the password - the answer is access is prohibited for security reasons?

Your account was blocked, so you could not log in. We have unblocked your account and changed your login password.


I repeatedly logged in to the portal until I was denied access. Can you advise me on how to proceed?

By repeatedly entering the wrong login password, your account has been blocked. By contacting the help desk staff, your account will be unblocked.


Did you send me the login data (name, password) that I entered when logging in, but I can't log in to the system (supposedly: incorrect data?)?

If the system gives you such a message, it could be that you made a mistake when entering the data. You should also be careful about copying login data, because if you accidentally copy a space, it is counted as another character and the system will not let you in. But if it still doesn't work, contact the Helpdesk of the University Portal.


As a member of KEGA commission No. 4, I am a reporter of KEGA projects, I cannot log in using my login name - I do not know which of the email addresses is registered. I tried through both, I can't get into the system. Can you help me?

In this case, you must contact the helpdesk of the university portal. They can find out which of the e-mail addresses was registered and unblock your account, and they will also send you the login password.


It shows me access denied when I log in. What should I do?

You probably have a blocked account. You need to contact the Helpdesk of the University Portal, they will solve your problem.


I cannot log in to the KEGA project system. When trying to retrieve a forgotten password, the system displayed access denied for security reasons. I also "disappeared" from the list of co-investigators. Can you advise?

You cannot log in to the system because your account has been blocked. Even when you try to retrieve a "forgotten password", the system will not generate a password for you, because the account is blocked. Your name does not appear in the list of co-investigators because the account has been blocked. If you contact the Helpdesk of the University Portal, they will help you solve the problems.


Yesterday I registered in the KEGA project. I forgot my password. What should I do?

Hello, if you forget your password, you can request it via the "Forgot password" button. The system will then generate a login password for you. Or you can contact the help desk of the University Portal.


I registered at KEGE, the registration was successful. But, please, I don't know where to log in, I don't see any login box here. Can you guide me?

Log in to the University Portal via the "Log in" button located in the upper left part of the page above the University Portal logo. Or you can use the login link


I forgot my password and login name, how can I get this information?

The login password and name can be found for you by the helpdesk of Portal VŠ. You just need to contact us either by email or by phone.


After logging in to the portal: (I want to submit a new KEGA project) it tells me that I have been denied access. In the previous KEGA project, I registered properly without any problems. Can you help me?

Your account has been blocked. You must contact the Helpdesk of the University Portal.


I forgot my valid password needed to access your portal. How should I proceed?

At you can have a new password generated, which will then be sent to you by e-mail.

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