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How can I start communicating electronically with the city and boroughs?

To start communicating electronically with the city and its districts, you will need an electronic ID card (eID card). You can apply for an electronic ID card at the police station. When you collect it, ask to be issued and activated for electronic services. Upon activation, the certificates required for electronic communication will be uploaded and activated on your new e-ID card. The first certificate is used to verify your identity and access electronic services. You will authenticate this certificate with a 6-digit BOK code (Security Authentication Code). The validity of the certificate is the same as the validity of the electronic ID card, i.e. 10 years.

You can also use the e-ID card to sign with a qualified electronic signature (QES), this certificate will be uploaded to your e-ID card when you receive your e-ID card. The issue and uploading of certificates for electronic communication is free of charge at any police station designated for the issue of identity documents.

A qualified electronic signature in the electronic world replaces a handwritten signature in paper-based official processing. Don't forget to pick up a card reader, which is free of charge, at the police station when you collect your electronic ID card. To activate the certificates and the card reader you will need the software, which is available on the Central Portal of Public Administration in the Downloads section, link:

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How do I create the perfect electronic signature?

You can create a qualified electronic signature with the signing application. Applications can be downloaded at:

For signing, you need to save the freely available D.Signer/XAdES and XZep Signer applications to your computer and then install them. To create a KEP you need to have a qualified certificate SVK eID ACA, Equipment of the certificate, see. FAQ: "How can I start communicating electronically with the city and city districts?" You can also have a qualified certificate issued on a medium other than an eID card.


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How exactly to apply and upload the required documents to individual universities?

You can find the detailed procedure in the section HelpDesk - Documents for download - Manuals ( You can also request help by phone (0911 154 882, 0910 288 664, 0911 154 214 or from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.: 037 / 6414881, 037 / 6414890) or by e-mail:


Would it be possible to add the option for a student/college applicant to have a human response or help when filling out the application?

The central electronic application has built-in strong support for the applicant in the form of telephone as well as electronic - by e-mail. In addition, the applicant has at his disposal various instructions, a glossary of terms and answers to frequently asked questions. It is necessary to click on the HelpDesk, where contacts and other materials are listed.



If I scanned the original certificate instead of the officially certified copy, will the application be automatically invalid?

You should carefully study the conditions for submitting the application and its attachments available on the faculty's website. At the same time, you have the opportunity to contact the study department, where they will tell you whether this may be an obstacle to the inclusion of the application in the admissions process. You can find the contact for the study department on the faculty's website, as well as on the website of the University Portal for information about a specific faculty.


It would be good to have all the necessary information together. When applying to each university and its faculty, it should be easy to work out their admission conditions. I find it very challenging, incomprehensible and discouraging how I have to work on the conditions of admission.

You can find all important information about the admission procedure, deadlines, invoicing data, as well as the entrance exam on the Portal VŠ page. After clicking on a specific study program, you have the opportunity to read all the important data, which are divided into individual subcategories. How much information you read depends on the university or of the person responsible for the content, which enters this information.


Where can I find out more information about majors at the university?

You can get more information about study fields on the University Portal page, specifically under the STUDENT - Study Fields tab. The system of study fields will be displayed, where after clicking on a specific study field, you will have basic information about the field, in which degrees of study it is offered, as well as study options.


I want to ask if this page only applies to universities in Slovakia or throughout the EU.

The University Application page offers the possibility of creating an application only for Slovak universities.


Where can I find information about, for example, when there will be open days at faculties and schools?

You can find all important dates, such as open house days, extension of application deadlines, on the main page of the Universities Portal in the middle after the fields of study ( or on the University Application page on the right side above News.



Why is there no response about the processing of applications by the study department, since I don't even know if they have the application and what happened to it?

Only some universities give feedback on the submitted application through the University Portal. You can find their list in important information for applicants ( If the university has registered a full level of connection, it also provides feedback. However, you can ask the school to provide information on the status of the application by writing an e-mail directly to the study department of the respective school. You can find the e-mail address by clicking on a specific university on the right. (Example:


How do I find out which university accepts an application submitted via

All information regarding participation can be found on the Portá VŠ page in the Student - Application to VŠ section - Important information for applicants.

At the same time, this information is also available on the page - Schools linked to the University Application.


Since I missed the application deadline, I would like to ask if it is still possible to apply?

It is possible to submit an application for university studies only on the date specified by the university. If the university has not announced an additional deadline for submitting applications, you must wait for the next academic year and submit your application in time.


I forgot to add an email to the paper application, is that a problem?

If there is at least a phone number in the paper application, the university can contact you if necessary.


If I have 2 study programs on the created application, do I also have to pay 2 fees?

If you have created an application on which you indicated 2 study programs, you only pay one fee. The admission fee applies to the application and not to the number of study programs listed on the application.


What fee do I have to pay if I submit multiple applications to the same faculty?

If you submit multiple applications to the same faculty, you must pay a fee for each application. The admission fee applies to the application.


How to document the necessary attachments to the electronic application?

If the application was created and submitted in electronic form, then print the application created in this way and attach the mandatory attachments to this printed form and send it by post to the address of the university or faculties.


If I create an electronic application, do I also need to create a paper application?

If you are submitting an application in electronic form, it is enough to print it from the system in which the application was created and send the printed application with the required attachments to the address of the relevant faculty.


What are the options if I didn't get into the university through the entrance exams? In other words, are there universities that accept students even in later dates? If so, which ones?

There are universities that have additional deadlines for submitting applications. You can view these dates on the following link:


I want to ask, I confirmed and printed the application, but I found out that I'm missing something? How should I add the data there?

If you submitted a central electronic application (, it is possible to correct incorrect data and create and submit a new application.


I would like to find out about the confirmation of medical fitness to study at a university, which some universities require. It is specifically the fact that on the older version of the application for the 1st degree (11/2006) at the end of the 2nd page, under the column "Confirmation of the correctness of the data", there was a separate column on medical fitness intended to be filled in by a doctor. However, on the newer version of the application form issued by the Ministry of Education (09/2013), this box is no longer present at all. I did not find an explanation on the 4th page of the application in the "Instructions for filling out the application" or on the Internet. can you explain it to me?

Since in 2013 the MŠVVaŠ modified the applications for the 1st and 2nd degree of study, it is necessary to use the newer application format. If the university also requires confirmation of medical fitness, in that case the doctor will confirm the medical certificate. eligibility on a separate paper that you attach to the application as an attachment.


I inadvertently submitted an incorrectly filled out application, please cancel it or if I can do it myself, how should I do it?

Applications that have already been submitted cannot be modified, as they will be locked. It is necessary to correct the erroneous data and create and submit a new application again.


I would like to ask if an unemployed person can also send an application for external studies?

An unemployed person can also apply for external studies at the university. It is already a matter of considering whether external studies (which are usually paid for) or full-time studies suit you. However, the university does not discriminate among applicants.


I would like to cancel the application that I filled out as number 1, due to a problem that I solved later. Could it be canceled somehow?

It is not possible to cancel already submitted applications.


I would like to ask what can be done if the dates of the entrance exams for different universities are on the same day?

You have to contact the universities, saying that they have scheduled the entrance exam for you on the same day. After that, he is already at the university, will he accommodate you and offer you an alternative date.


I would like to ask if there is a site where I can find schools that have a second round of admission?

Information regarding additional deadlines for submitting applications for university studies can be found on the website in the "Student" menu under Terms.


I would like to ask how it is with the payment of university studies. I am a student and I have just finished the 1st year or 2nd semester. I am a full-time student and would like to transfer to another university. Can you help me?

Good day,
it would be best to find out this information at the school you are currently applying to. They should be able to answer you with certainty whether you have to pay for exceeding the standard length of study.


I would like to ask, I have one big problem. I was not accepted to university, is it still possible to send applications to university?

If you are interested in providing information regarding additional deadlines for accepting applications for university studies, I can only advise you that all information can be found on the PortalVŠ and PrihláškaVŠ pages in the news.


My daughter applied to Masaryk University in Brno. She passed sciotests and TSP-tests. She did not pass the percentile. Is there still any possibility to additionally apply for studies at the university in Brno?

The website is dedicated to Slovak universities. But if your daughter is interested in studying Slovak, we can advise you in that case.


I want to cancel the application due to the wrong field of study entry, is this possible?

In the CEP central electronic application system, already submitted applications are not deleted. However, you can create a new application with the fields already entered correctly.


I would like to ask if the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the UK accepts your applications?

All information regarding the acceptance and involvement of individual universities in the central electronic application project can be found on the website in the STUDENT menu in the "Application to University" section under "Important information for applicants".


I would like to ask you if there is a reduced fee when sending an electronic application through the university portal, which the mentioned schools have on their websites, as I was told that the schools do not recognize applications through your portal as electronic?

The central electronic application is intended for all higher education institutions in Slovakia, while they are involved in the project at different levels of involvement. More detailed information regarding the level of involvement of universities in the central electronic application project can be found at the link Before you pay the fee, you should find out at the study department of the relevant faculty how much you have to pay in order to avoid unnecessary problems.


I would like to know if the registration and thus the submission of an electronic application on the website Prihlá are also valid for the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava?

The central electronic application is launched for all universities in Slovakia. The only difference between universities is the level of involvement in the central electronic application. All information regarding the involvement of individual schools in the central electronic application project can be found at the link


Can you help me with the removal of the application or the possibility to rewrite the data due to the incorrect provision of the ID number?

If the application has already been submitted, it cannot be deleted or changed. You can only fill out a new application with the correct data. The school will only take into account the correctly completed application received by post.


I have a problem downloading the PDF format of the application for printing. I get a message next to the download window that "the location with the file cannot be found, please try again later". How should I proceed?

The problem with downloading the PDF format of the application can also be due to the browser you are using. For this reason, try using a different browser.


Today I submitted an electronic application for university and I would like to ask what the variable symbol is, or where can i find it?

Only some universities send variable symbols through the central electronic application Therefore, if you have not received anything, you must use the billing information provided on the faculty's website for the paper application.


How should I submit an application for external studies, if an external form is included in the overview of universities and their fields of study, but there is no option to select this external form when submitting the application?

In this case, contact the Helpdesk of PrihláškyVŠ, where they will help you with the given problem.


I want to apply for social work at the University of Ružomberok, I want to ask - where will the exams be held? What will they consist of? What do I need to submit with the application?

The university is obliged to provide all important information regarding the admission procedure on its website. Alternatively, you can contact directly the study department of the faculty of a particular university. You can also find contact information on the website of the university portal, after clicking on a specific faculty of the university, they are on the right side.


Is the application for height, which is on the website of the Ministry of Education, sufficient as a regular application? Is it enough to print it and fill it out or do I have to buy an application form in the store?

You can print and then fill out the applications for all degrees of study, which are published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Slovak Republic.


I would like to ask what is the price for applying to the University? How much is tuition?

Information regarding the amount of the application fee for the university as well as the amount of tuition fees can be found either in the study department of the faculty of the relevant university, on the website or on the PortalVŠ page under individual study programs in the "Application and fees" section. You can also find contact information on the website of the university portal if you click on the relevant university and faculty.


I want to apply for garden architecture in Nitra and I don't know where to download the application form for talent tests. Where can I find it?

User support does not have such information. You should contact the study department of the relevant faculty. You can find the contact on the page

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