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Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences is the newest faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. Since it was established in 2002, it has been identified as the best faculty in the Slovak Republic in “Other Social Sciences” category by the Academic Rating and Ranking Agency (ARRA) for five years in a row.

We offer five study programmes that reflect the needs and requirements of labour market. All faculty members insist on an individual approach to students, and try to help them be tolerant and respectful, as well as think critically and formulate and express their own arguments. We are always very delighted to organize lectures and seminars with our graduates and other experts from both public and private sphere in order to give students the floor to confront them and learn from their expertise and experience.

There are approximately 750 students studying and 50 internal and external lecturers and researchers working here every academic year. This makes the faculty rather small, yet it intensifies relationships among its members at the same time.

Since 2002, several research departments have been established here. The faculty has produced a top-level research team, and it has provided a platform for lots of lecturers and researchers, whose personal and professional qualities have been widely recognised by public and media, and used as a basis for decision-making at the highest levels of public administration.

Educational process at the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences is based on the principle “less subjects, more lectures”. In other words, the study plan usually consists of not more than 5 subjects with multiple lectures and seminars. Thanks to this, students and lecturers can assess the matter of lectures or seminars in a very complex and coherent manner.

There is also a tradition of organizing various thematic debates and discussions within the Public Policy Book Club. Our students can enjoy active relax in the community garden, and in the unique buffet run by our students. On top of that, students themselves organize the prestigious FSEV FEST every year and set its programme to get to know each other, and provide a platform for dialogue between youth and experienced people from both public and private sector


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The students of FSES CU are accomodated in the Ľ.Štúr campus - Mlyny in Mlynská dolina. The price ranges from 47€-113€ per bed. Check the campus via virtual tour at or the website of the campus at


Dining is possible in the surrounding restaurants, which also offer lunch menus. There is also a Lidl and a non-stop grocery store in close proximity to the school.

Other services

Faculty provides access for disabled persons, wifi and ethernet connection and computers available for students. 

The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

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