Landscaping and Landscape Planning

The study programme is oriented towards the education of graduates in the field of landscape architecture and landscape planning. The essence of the programme is the management and protection of watersheds from the harmful effects of anthropogenic activities. The programme includes more studio work where bio-corridors, relaxation and recreation areas and revitalisation measures in the watershed are designed. The technical solutions use a wide range of support for engineering work, from software in the field of hydraulics, design rendering techniques to information systems, including geo-information technologies. The university-based study makes greater use of the professional potential of the Faculty of Architecture in the field of landscape planning.

Prospects of graduates

Graduates will acquire complex second-degree university education in the field of landscape and landscape architecture. They will understand the essence of physical, geoscience, biological, ecological laws governing the nature and interactions between natural and anthropic elements. They will understand the principles of sustainable development in the complex of creation and protection of the environment and will also understand the technology of improving and evaluating individual elements of country. They will be knowledgeable of the area of environmental Enginineering of part-time environment, of waste management, water management of country and urbanised areas, landscape and garden architecture, landscape management and garden creation. They will have knowledge of project and coordinating activity and of European legislation and standards focused on the environmental protection and landscape and garden architecture. They will be able to perform individual control, coordinating, counselling and consultation activity applying the environmental principles of the relevant sphere of production, Enginineering, architectural concept, planning and social activities, as well as in the area of evaluation of the impact of anthropic activities from the aspect of protection of individual elements of the environment, they can work as assistants in scientific research team in the area of landscape and landscape architecture as well as environmental Enginineering. They will be able to apply progressive methods of computer support of Enginineering work when designing of technical solutions and to use information systems including geoinformation technologies on high level.

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Conditions of admission

Admission Procedure

Additional information

Required documents

Conditions for international students

Documents required in English language:

  • signed curriculum vitae,
  • confirmation of the application fee payment,
  • a document (certificate) confirming knowledge of the English language at least at the B1 level or passing the high school graduation exam in the English language.

Officially translated documents in English language:

  • certified bachelor diploma with Apostille/Superlegalization,
  • state exam certificate and transcript of records of the state exam with Apostille/Superlegalization, **
  • transcript of records of all passed exams from previous studies with Apostille/Superlegalization

Required Documents

Without entrance examinations

General information on the admission exam

Admission Procedure

Principles of the entrance exam for Engineering studies

A list of applicants is made based on the results of secondary school studies and results of the entrance exams.
Applicants placed on the list up to the place corresponding with the guiding number of the given study programs will be accepted.
Applicants who will be placed after this place will be offered another study program (provided that the guiding number of some of the study program will not be fulfilled).
The list of admitted applicants is published on the website of the faculty.
We recommend to indicate on the application form at least one alternative study programme apart from the chosen study programme that the applicant will accept in case of unsuccessful admission procedure for the selected study programme.
Following receiving of the application, the faculty will confirm the receipt and will sent applicants information about the application procedure.

  • Apply the application for study

    01.11.2023 - 31.05.2024

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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

Current number of filed applications:

  • CV (paper form, electronic form)
  • Bachelor diploma (paper form, electronic form)
  • verified copy of the degree for applicant of other universities (paper form, electronic form)
  • certified copy of certificate to candidates from other universities (paper form, electronic form)
  • (paper form, electronic form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Doplňujúce informácie k ročnému školnému:
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The fee for admission procedure
application form: 20 €
E-application form: 20 €

Billing information

Fees & Tuition

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Detail of the study program

The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

Detail of the study program


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