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The main mission of the Faculty of Economics and Informatics at J. Selye University is to fulfill the expectations of students, professionals, the business and IT-sector by the provision of a wide range of academic programs via maintaining the educational standards on a high level.

The Faculty of Economics at J. Selye University strives for its students to be sufficiently prepared for facing the challenges both in the professional and human field of life. The Faculty provides education at all three levels of study: within the study programmes of Applied Informatics, Economics and Business Management on bachelor-level, Applied Informatics and Economics and Business Management on masters-level and Economics and Business Management also on doctorate-level.

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The J. Selye  University owns and operates the Student's Home „Čajka”. Further information regarding the accommodation can be found at ujs.sk/sk/studium/studentsky-domov.html


Meals are provided for students and employees by a contracted restaurant. For students, lunch and in case of interest even the dinner is also available. A buttery is being run at the UJS Conference Centre.

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