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The J. Selye University is a modern educational and scientific institution. Education started at the academic year 2004/2005; which means that it is the youngest public university in the Slovak Republic. Each year more than 1800 students study in three levels, either full-time or part-time at three faculties. The faculties offer courses in accredited programs in the complex system of bachelor, master and doctoral studies. The credit system is compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which allows the two-way mobility for students at the universities of EU countries. 

The language of instructions in the educational process is Hungarian, but our aim is to teach the professional terminology not only in Hungary but also in Slovak and English for the students and graduates.  The mission of the university is to offer higher education in Hungarian mother tongue; preparing teachers for kindergartens, primary schools and high schools with the Hungarian teaching language, preparing theologians, as well as experts in the field of economics. The Minister of Education has acknowledged UJS the right to award the academic degrees in all programs in all three levels of study. 
The university is well equipped with information - communication technologies.The University Library is located at the Congress Centre on 1200 m2 area with a number of more than 100 000 volumes. The students of the university have the opportunity to apply for accommodation at our student hostels with a total capacity of 600 places. Meals for students are provided in the university canteen. For more information about the university please visit this site: 

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Bratislavská cesta 3322, 945 01, Komárno

035/32 60 848


Faculty of Economics and Informatics, J. Selye University

Hradná ul. 167/21, 945 01, Komárno

035/3260 631, 035/3260 879



Faculty of Education of J. Selye University

Bratislavská 3322, 945 01, Komárno



Reformed Theological Faculty of  J. Selye University

Bratislavská cesta 3322, 945 01, Komárno



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The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

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