Geodesy and Cartography

Prospects of graduates

Graduates will acquire a theoretical foundation in the exact and natural sciences, as well as the humanities and economics. This general framework is followed by the basic scientific disciplines of surveying and cartography. The core of knowledge is acquired by completing a group of subjects forming the theoretical, professional and technical-applicational basis of study. The group of core subjects is suitably complemented and the graduate's profile is expanded by subjects in the field of law and management. The graduate will be employed in the field of state and regional administration of cadastre of real estate, in investment construction, in the state and private sphere, which solves the problems of geodetic networks, engineering geodesy, cartography and topographic works.

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Conditions of admission

Additional information

Basic admission requirement

The basic condition for admission to the Bachelor's degree (first cycle study programme) is the acquisition of full secondary education or full secondary vocational education (Act on Higher Education No. 131/2002 Coll., as amended). In the case of a foreign applicant or a student who has completed secondary education abroad, this is an education comparable to that completed by the matriculation examination in the Slovak Republic. An applicant who has obtained secondary education abroad shall submit a decision on the recognition of the document on the completion of secondary education by the relevant institution in the Slovak Republic with the application for university studies, or at the latest at the time of enrolment in the studies.

Other admission conditions

Detailed Principles and rules of the admission procedure for the 1st cycle of studies can be found published on the faculty's website by 30 September 2021. The admission procedure will be carried out in the form of a selection procedure in order to ensure that applicants with the necessary abilities and prerequisites will be admitted to the study. The final decision on the outcome of the admission procedure will be taken by the Dean of the UNIZA Faculty of Science on the basis of the proposal of the UNIZA Faculty of Science Admissions Committee.

Study in the study programmes of Bachelor's degree in full-time form will be opened only if the conditions of admission in individual study programmes are met by at least 15 applicants. The study programmes of the Bachelor's degree in the external form will be open only if the admission conditions for each study programme are fulfilled by at least 10 candidates. The full-time Bachelor's degree programme in Civil Engineering will be open only if at least 5 applicants meet the admission requirements. In case of a lower number of applicants, the faculty management will decide on the opening or non-opening of the respective study programme. The number of students admitted to individual study programmes may be modified on the basis of the current number of applications and capacity possibilities.

It is within the competence of the Dean of the Faculty of Science of UNIZA to supplement the number of admitted applicants for study programmes in the 1st year of Bachelor's studies to the expected number of applicants who:

  • have fulfilled the conditions for admission in another study programme of bachelor's study, but have not been admitted due to filling the capacity of the originally chosen study programme,
  • have fulfilled the conditions for admission in another bachelor's degree programme, but the degree programme was not opened because a lower number of applicants fulfilled the admission requirements.

Such applicants must also meet the admission requirements for the supplemented programme of study.

In selected Bachelor's degree programmes, a second round of admissions will also be organised in case of vacancies. The list of bachelor study programmes for the second round of admissions will be published by 15.6.2022.

The admission conditions and the form of admission for Bachelor's studies are the same as for the first round of admissions.

Language prerequisites

The study programmes implemented by the Faculty of Arts of UNIZA in the Slovak language require written and oral proficiency in Slovak or Czech language at least at the B1 level. Knowledge of at least one world language (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian) is desirable. For the study programmes implemented by the UNIZA Faculty of Science in English, written and oral proficiency in English at least at B1 level is required.

Medical fitness

SvF UNIZA does not require a medical certificate of medical fitness for university studies and accepts applications without a medical certificate for all levels of higher education.


The accommodation facility of the University of Žilina in Žilina provides accommodation according to the accommodation capacity, taking into account the distance of the student's permanent residence from the seat of the University. Accommodation fee: 41 € - 61 €/month.


Students have the opportunity to use the services of the catering facility of the University of Žilina. Fee per meal: 1,10 € - 3,20 €.


Students of all study programmes can receive an incentive (benefit, extraordinary) scholarship according to set criteria. Students of study programmes in the field of civil engineering may also receive an incentive branch scholarship according to the established criteria.


The possibility of further study in engineering studies at SvF UNIZA in the academic year 2022/2023 - Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Structures and Transportation Structures, Civil Engineering Structures, Technology and Construction Management. After the completion of the Bachelor's degree, it is necessary to check the current status of the study programmes offered in a particular academic year.

Conditions for international students

For foreign applicants, the admission conditions apply as for applicants from the Slovak Republic.

Foreign students studying in a language other than the state language pay tuition fees according to the conditions set out in Section 92(8) of the Higher Education Act. The tuition fee is set by a UNIZA directive and published for the relevant academic year on the University's website. Foreign students studying in the Slovak language do not pay tuition fees. Applicants from the Czech Republic may use the form valid in the Czech Republic to apply for studies. Applicants who do not have an active knowledge of Slovak or Czech are required to successfully complete language training (possibility to take it at UNIZA). For foreign applicants admitted on the basis of interstate

agreements, bilateral treaties or for scholarship holders of the Government of the Slovak Republic, the conditions specified in the relevant documents apply.

Coordinator for students with specific needs

Doc. Ing. Mária Kúdelčíková, PhD.
Deputy Head of the Faculty of Science for study and pedagogical activities
Tel.: 041/513 62 73

General information on the admission exam

One application is sufficient for studying at the Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Science of UNIZA, indicating the sequence of study programmes according to the applicant's interest. In case of interest in both forms of study (full-time and part-time) it is necessary to submit two applications including two admission fees.

Applicants should complete the Application for Undergraduate Studies - 1st Degree form or use the electronic form. The electronic application form can be filled in via the UNIZA website or the HEI portal All required attachments can be submitted electronically as scanned documents.

If the application form is incomplete, the applicant will be asked to complete it. Applications submitted after the deadline and electronic applications without the required attachments will not be accepted.

In case of non-participation or failure in the admission procedure, the faculty will not refund the admission fee.

If a candidate wishes to participate in the admission procedure at more than one faculty of UNIZA, the application must be submitted separately to each faculty with payment of the appropriate fee.

Attachments to the application form for Bachelor studies:

  • resume,
  • receipt of payment of the admission fee,
  • certified copies of the end-of-year report cards and high school diploma,
  • scan of the application form signed by the applicant (in case of electronic submission),
  • in the case of graduation - the result of the National Comparative Examination (SCIO) in mathematics or in the general academic prerequisites,
  • confirmation of successful participation in Olympiads or corresponding knowledge competitions (regional or higher round)

After passing the matriculation examination, candidates shall send to the faculty address, or upload electronically, a certified copy of the matriculation certificate and the end-of-year certificate from the last year of secondary school studies by a deadline to be announced to each candidate in writing.

Form of entrance exam

The admission procedure will be carried out in the form of a selection procedure in order to ensure that applicants with the necessary abilities and prerequisites will be admitted to the study,

The selection procedure will take place without the personal participation of the applicant.

  • Apply the application for study


  • Performance of the entrance exam

    - 11.06.2024

  • Send certificate to


  • Submit additional application form

    15.06.2024 - 15.08.2024

  • Performance of the additional entrance exam


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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • leaving certificate (electronic form)
  • CV (electronic form)
  • potvrdenie o zaplatení poplatku za prijímacie konanie (electronic form)
  • fotokópie koncoročných vysvedčení zo strednej školy 1-4 ročník (electronic form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: 900 €
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 900 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 35 €
E-application form: 35 €

Billing information

Admission fee:
35 € should be paid to the address: University of Žilina, Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina
bank: Štátna pokladnica
account number in the form IBAN: SK59 8180 0000 0070 0026 9896
constant symbol: 0308
variable symbol: 10431 - bachelor studies
Method of payment: payment can be made by bank transfer or postal order to the above account.
Proof of payment: proof of payment should be sent to the address of the faculty together with the application form, or submitted electronically.
Fees for studies are determined in accordance with Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education in the current version. Information on the amount of tuition fees for the respective academic year will be published by the University of Žilina in Žilina on the website within the set deadlines.
When paying the fee from EU member countries, EEA contracting countries, territories that are considered part of the EU (Article 299 of the Treaty of Rome) and countries that have voluntarily joined SEPA, use BIC: SPSRSKBAXXX, IBAN: SK59 8180 0000 0070 0026 9896.

Always up-to-date news about university The University of Žilina on your email.
We will send you all the information about important events and deadlines.

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Detail of the study program

The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

Detail of the study program


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