Political Science

The study program covers the entire content of the study program in political science and contains all the main topics of the study field of political science. In addition, students have the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge, skills and competencies that can be used in the specific professional career of the graduate.

Prospects of graduates

The structures of the state and public administration (state and self-governing institutions of the national, regional and local level) as well as entities of the third sector, civic associations and foundations are an important area of employment of graduates of the political science study program.

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Conditions of admission

The basic condition for admission to the master's study program in the Political Science study program is a completed university education of the 1st degree (bachelor's) in the study field of Political Science or a related study field.

1. Application for Mgr. study: The application can be submitted electronically or on the prescribed form for II. degree (A3 format). (More information in the supplementary information for the candidate.)

2. Mandatory annexes to the application (all except CUP graduates, Department of Political Science, TnUAD):

- Notarized or registered copy of Bc. diploma. - This year's graduates will deliver a notarized copy of the diploma immediately upon receipt, no later than on the day of enrollment.

- Proof of recognition Bc. Applicants will submit their education at a foreign university no later than on the day of enrollment (for graduates from the Czech Republic, the documents are automatically recognized as equivalent without further official procedure).

3. Mandatory annexes to the application for CUP graduates (Department of Political Science, TnUAD): - Proof of study is not required.

Additional information

At CUP KP, the applicant can apply quickly and easily using electronic applications, which may not require work, but conveniently on a computer and can be sent directly for study purposes. The written application is submitted on the prescribed form for II. degree (A3 format). In the application, the applicant fills in personal data, form of study, study program, completed bachelor's study, while the form must also be signed. To speed up communication in the event of incomplete applications, we ask applicants to provide a correctly entered and valid e-mail address for registration. In the case of application, the applicant does not have to enter subjects and marks for bachelor's studies on page no. 2. We also do not require a certificate of medical fitness for university studies in the application.

The conditions of admission as well as the electronic application are published on the university's website https://tnuni.sk/uchadzaci/chcem-tu-studovat/spolocensko-politicke-studia/ponuka-studijnych-program/

• The applicant may send only one application to the Political Science study program and mark one form of study (full-time or part-time).
• The decision on admission / non-admission to study will be sent by the candidates in writing within 30 days of verification of the fulfillment of the conditions for admission to study.
• An applicant who has received an admission decision is obliged to enter according to the instructions, which require a written form together with the decision on admission to study.
• According to Act no. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions, as amended, § 59 para. 3, have the faculty right to request information from accepted applicants whether they will enroll in their studies. If the applicant does not provide the information within the required time, his / her right to enroll in the study expires.

Tuition fees:
• The tuition fees are, according to the directive Determining the amount of tuition and the fee associated with studying at TnUAD, valid in the current academic year.

Conditions for international students

The admission conditions for foreign students are identical to the admission conditions for Slovak students.



Coordinator for students with specific needs

Mgr. Katarína Hrnčárová
coordinator for students with special needs
032/7400 911

General information on the admission exam

without entrance exam

  • Apply the application for study

    01.12.2021 - 30.06.2022

  • Submit additional application form

    01.07.2022 - 16.09.2022

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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • Diplom z bakalárskeho štúdia (paper form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 760 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 19 €
E-application form: 19 €

Billing information

Payment details for the application:
Admission fee: 19 €
Bank: Štátna pokladnica
Account: SK1381800000007000065375
Variable symbol: 19002
Specific symbol: Applicant ID number generated by the Academic Information System AIS2 after submitting the electronic application
information to recipient: Name and surname of the applicant
Address of the faculty: Trenčianska univerzita Alexandra Dubčeka v Trenčíne, Katedra politológie, Študentská 2, 911 50 Trenčín

Always up-to-date news about university Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín on your email.
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Detail of the study program

Chystáš sa študovať na vysokej škole na Slovensku? Teraz môžeš získať štipendium až 9 000 € počas prvých troch rokov štúdia. More information

Detail of the study program


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