Technical Chemistry

The graduate of master degree programme Technical Chemistry is an engineer with wide technological background, but simultaneously knows the laws of natural science, methods and work techniques in one of the branches of physical, analytical, organic or inorganic chemistry so that he/she is able to apply its in own scientific and research work or in praxis.
A great attention is paid to understanding all types of physical-chemical and analytical methods which in turn make possible to monitor kinetics and thermodynamic parameters of chemical reactions, to assess from both quantitative and qualitative points of view a mutual relationship between structure and reactivity of organic and inorganic compounds, to carry out the environmental quality assessment, to check enantiomeric purity of the tested newly prepared drugs and the presence of toxic substances in food. It is very important to build up knowledge related to causal structure-activity relationship between chemical structure and its biological efficiency. All these aspects of the proposed study program make possible to integrate the graduates into the solution of the scientific and research problems of the basic and applied chemical research.
On the basis of theoretical and practical skills in chemistry the graduates are able to formulate the problem and after its analysis relevantly express chemical information. The graduate is further able to implement analytical procedures and methods in order to increase reliability and efficiency of the technological procedures. The topics of this master study program and knowledge in legislation make possible to cooperate with groups which solve serious problems of technological praxis whereby he/she is able to communicate with technologists. The graduate is able in cooperation with the technologists to design effective technological production process of organic and inorganic substances to propose the chemical concept of the production process in the form of the laboratory basis for the application and realization research. Successful graduates continue in further education within the framework of Doctoral studies (PhD) during which students can participate in various mobility programs and after finishing of this study in the form of the long term post doctorate internship at renowned foreign universities.
The master degree programme Technical Chemistry of the university education includes the fundamentals of all parts of the analytical, physical, organic and inorganic chemistry as well as chemical informatics. The fundamentals are particularly based on knowledge of molecular and atomic spectrometry, electro-analytical chemistry, separation methods, mechanisms of both organic and inorganic reactions and organic and inorganic synthesis. These are properly complemented by training in asymmetric synthesis and stereochemistry, organometallic and complex compounds, bioorganic, bioinorganic, biophysical and bioanalytical chemistry, theory of chemical bonding, colloid chemistry, chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, application of artificial intelligence in chemistry, symbolic programming applied to chemistry, chemical information systems and computational chemistry.
The graduate of this study programme is able to appreciate from the chemical point of view low-molecular organic and inorganic raw materials, to fractionate them into chemical individuals, identify their structure, to choose suitable reactions for their exploitation by chemical transformation, to propose and realize target synthesis of an organic compound (e.g. natural substance or its analogues). Next, the graduate is also competent in simple cases to propose the reaction mechanism of particular reaction process and thus to affect their flow with the aim to obtain the requested compound in maximal yield and purity. With the assistance of modern separation methods the graduate is able to fractionate reaction mixtures into chemical individuals, including the separation of the diastereoisomers and enantiomers. With the assistance of physical-analytical methods the graduate is able to determine the structure of organic and inorganic compounds.

Prospects of graduates

The graduate knows chemical and physical principles of physical-chemical and analytical methods. He/she knows at least one world language and has necessary experience in operating computational technique. He meets employment in industrial, research and developmental laboratories of the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, engineering productions, in biochemical and biotechnological laboratories as well as in the branch of the analysis of environment components. With the wide theoretical basis and practical skills he can employ also in technical-economical positions of different companies. The graduate will meets employment in the praxis in these positions:

  • worker of research and development laboratories of industrial enterprises, research institutions and universities
  • leading worker in chemical laboratories
  • worker in technological producing
  • worker in a wide spectrum of the chemical testing laboratories within different institutions of the state administration and the private monitoring sector
  • worker of the domestic and foreign commercial firms oriented on trading instrumental techniques, chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • teacher of technical subjects

Guarantor: prof. Ing. Anton Gatial, DrSc.,

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Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: 3500 €
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Detail of the study program


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