Communication in mass media and marketing

The study programme Mass Media and Marketing Communication, accredited in the study field 3.2.3 Mass Media Studies of the system of study fields in the Slovak Republic, is a study programme of the second degree of higher education. The study programme is implemented at the Faculty of Mass Media of the Pan-European University (PEVŠ). Teaching is carried out in cooperation with foreign partner universities. Graduates of the study programme receive a full degree in the relevant field of study.

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Conditions of admission

The admission procedure is without an entrance exam. The applicant must meet all the requirements of the admission procedure.

The basic condition for admission to the 2nd level of study (Master's degree) of the study programme Mass Media and Marketing Communication is successful completion of the 1st level (Bachelor's degree) of study in the field of study Media and Communication Studies at the Faculty of Mass Media of the PEVŠ or Bachelor's degree in the same field of study at other universities. In the event that the continuity cannot be demonstrated, the Dean has the right to oblige the candidate to take the relevant differential examinations during the first year of studies.

Additional information

Master's degree applicants will submit their application exclusively electronically. The Faculty of Mass Media does not accept applications in printed form, which means that the applicant does not print the e-application from the system either! The e-application will be considered complete only if all sections are filled in correctly. At the same time, the admission fee must be paid.

The application form is submitted separately for full-time and part-time studies, the fee is paid separately for each form of study.

After completing the e-application form, the following attachments must be sent by post:

Applicants who have completed their first cycle of higher education (Bachelor's degree) in the last academic year and earlier, shall provide officially certified photocopies (notary or registrar):

  1. University diploma.
  2. Diploma supplement.
  3. State examination certificate.
  4. Hand-signed curriculum vitae.

Applicants who will be taking Level 1 in this academic year will submit:

  1. A hand-signed curriculum vitae.
  2. After completing their Bachelor's degree, they will submit certified photocopies (notarised or at the registry office) of their university diploma, diploma supplement and state examination certificate. Original documents will not be accepted. (Graduates of FM PEVŠ will only provide uncertified photocopies of the above documents).

- A doctor's certificate is not required.

- After registering the e-application, an account number and a variable symbol will be generated for the applicant, which is used to pay the application processing fee of € 20,-.

The applicant will be informed about the status of his/her e-application through the e-mail communication generated by the UIS information system, namely:

  1. The registration of the e-application by the information system.
  2. Confirmation of receipt of payment - after payment of the admission fee.
  3. Acceptance of the complete e-application by the faculty (this message must be received by the applicant no later than 14 days after the last date for submission of applications).

The seat of the Faculty of Mass Media is at Tematínská 10, Bratislava - Petržalka (documents can be delivered in person, directly to the study department)

Post the required documents to the following address:

Paneuropean College
Faculty of Mass Media
Tomášikova 20
P.O.BOX 12
820 09 Bratislava 29

Admission to the study is decided by the Dean of the Faculty in accordance with the conditions set for admission. On the basis of the applicant's request for a review of the decision on non-admission, the Dean may admit the applicant or withdraw the application to the Rector. The Rector shall confirm the decision of the Dean, reverse the decision if it was made in violation of the law, an internal regulation of the college, or refer the application to the Board of Trustees in disputed cases.

The notification of the admission decision or the notification of the conditional admission decision (after completion of the basic conditions for admission) and the payment of the specified tuition fee shall entitle the applicant to enrol in the study. The applicant is obliged to acquaint himself with the financial conditions of study at the faculty and to pay the tuition fee within the time limit set by the PEVŠ.

A candidate admitted to study becomes a student of the university on the date of enrolment in a study programme conducted by the faculty.

Conditions for international students

Further information:

Without entrance examinations

Coordinator for students with specific needs

For more information:

Study for people with specific conditions: Faculty of Mass Media | Pan-European University

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  • Apply the application for study

    06.11.2023 - 30.06.2024

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  • verified copy of the degree for applicant of other universities (paper form)
  • photocopy of the Diploma Supplement to candidates from other universities (paper form)
  • certified copy of certificate to candidates from other universities (paper form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: 2590 €
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 2590 €

The fee for admission procedure
E-application form: 20 €

Billing information

Admission fee: 20 EUR
Account number: generated by the information system after submitting the e-application
Recipient's address: PEVŠ n.o., Variable symbol: is generated after entering the e-application in the "Paid"
Note: In the message to the recipient, please enter the name and surname of the applicant (not the family member who makes the payment).

Information for payments from abroad:IBAN: SK29 1100 0000 0026 2111 7104, BIC: TATRSKBX

If the correct variable symbol is not used, the payment is not paired and the study department cannot proceed with the application. The fee will not be refunded once the application has been registered or if the applicant cancels the application.

Always up-to-date news about university Paneuropean University on your email.
We will send you all the information about important events and deadlines.

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Detail of the study program

The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

Detail of the study program


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