Absolvent je vybavený poznatkami pre zvládnutie manažmentu priestorovo - plánovacích činností, analytické práce a manažment v oblasti priestorového rozvoja, poznatkami z oblasti prírodných, technických, ekonomických a sociálnych vied s dôrazom na aplikáciu v polohe urbanizmu a územného plánovania. Má vedomosti o komplexe teórií, metód a nástrojov krajinného, socioekonomického, infraštrukturálneho a územného plánovania, čo ho predurčuje pre zabezpečovanie manažmentu priestorovo-plánovacích a hlavne územnoplánovacích činností, proces obstarávania územnoplánovacej dokumentácie a územného rozhodovania, koordináciu sektorálnych plánovacích činností a spolupráce špecialistov v integratívnej polohe plánovacích činností, pri identifikácii a analýzach stavu priestorových systémov, predovšetkým systémov osídlenia, stanovovaní ich rozvojových potenciálov, spracovávaní operačných rozvojových plánov a projektov a manažovaní realizácie rozvojových koncepcií a výkone územného rozhodovania.

Prospects of graduates

The study programme focuses on management of spatial planning activities, inventory and analytical works, on executive management within the field of spatial development. The knowledge of a BSc graduate in natural, technical, economic and social sciences, including a complex of tools, theories and methods of landscape, social, economic, land-use and infrastructural planning creates a basis for working on preparing land-use and landscape planning documentation, development strategies and in land-use management decision processes. Knowledge of geography, ecology, ICTs and skills in development of urban and settlement structures make the graduate competent for coordination of spatial planning activities, identification and analysis of the developmental potentials of individual settlements, working on operating developmental plans, concepts and projects, for the planning and managing of these activities as well as for continuing in this study towards the MSc degree.

Information on the employment of graduates

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Conditions of admission

The application form needs to be submitted in the electronic form without secured signature using the academic information system of the SUT(from now onjust 'AIS'). An applicant for the study might also delive rpaper form of the application form filled out the AIS on the application form prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republicto the address: Slovenská technická univerzita, Ústav manažmentu, study department, Vazovova 5, 812 43 Bratislava.

Posting of the application form (electronically or by mail) together with required attachments stated in the count 2.3. It is an inevitable condition for thesuccessful submission of the application form for the study at the SUT to 30.4.2021.

The basic condition for admissionto study in the SP of the first grade is acquiring of the complete secondary school education or secondary professional education and payment for the costs for he admission examination. Further conditions for acceptancefor the study of the SP Spatial Planning are:

a)Applicants with the overall study average from the secondary school up to 2.8 including (without calculating the school results from the last year) do not have to undergo the entrance test.

b)Applicants who graduated with the overall average from the secondary school over 2.8 (without counting the last school year) have to pass the entrance test successfully


to pay entrance test fee for the provision of the entrance test


Additional information

2.3.Requireddocuments to the acceptancefor study:

a)Curriculum vitae

b)Proof of payment of the fee for material management of the admission (a receipt of the postal order, bank receipt about money transfer or the account statement, from which the fee was paid, the readable name and surname of the applicant forwhom the fee was paid has to be clear), adds just an applicant who did not pay the fee for material management of the admission with the payment card in the application of the electronic application form in the AIS.

c)Applicants who sit for leaving examination in 2021 fill in the application form marks and averages just from annual school reports for the 1st up to 3rd year (4-year study), for the 1st to 4th year (5-year study), which are confirmed by the seal and signature of the secondary school representative. The certified copy of the school leaving certificate is necessary to be delivered just after passing the school-leaving examination.

d)Applicants who passed the school-leaving examination earlier than in 2021shall enclose certified copies of secondary school annual certificates and school leaving certificate.

e)Applicants who passed the school-leaving examination abroadshall enclose a certified document about completed secondary education together with the decision about the recognition of the document issued by the district office in the seat of the region in the wording of § 36 or 39 of the Act No. 422/2015 Coll. on recognition of documents on education and on recognition of professional qualifications and on changing and amending certain laws as amended.

f)The applicants who apply for the study programme in the English languagesubmit the certificate on the knowledge of language/the document on the state examination in the English language, TOEFL, IELTS and so on.

g)Applicants with specific needs submit with their application form also application form for assessment of their specific needs and determination of the extent of supportive services for admission in the sense of Rector's Directive No 5/2013-SR, which is published on to the creation of adequate conditions for participation in the entrance test from the side of the SUT.The applicants with specific needs at their request based onthe assessment of their specific needs will have the form and way of taking part in the entrance examination with considering theirspecific needs

In case of delivered application form electronically, an applicant will deliver also required documents to the application form scanned and inserted as a pdf attachment. Accepted applicant will deliver the certified copy of the document on the fulfilled condition for the acceptance for the study of the study programme, which is the school-leaving certificate or the document proving the recognition of the completed secondary education according to letter c) up to e) of this paragraph in theday of the enrolment for the study at the latest. In case the application form does not contain all data or not all required documents published in this point are attached, the IM SUT is entitled to ask the applicants to fix the drawbacks of the application form and the completion of the missing documents in the determined time. If applicants do not fulfil this condition in the given time, they will receive the decision about not acceptance for the study in SP due to not fulfilment of conditions for acceptance to the study.

Conditions for international students

    For the students applying to study  in English language the certificate level B2 is required.

    Conditions of admission without the entrance exam

    Applicants with the overall study average from the secondary school up to 2.8 including (without calculating the school results from the last year) do not have to undergo the entrance tes

    Coordinator for students with specific needs

    PhDr. Mariena Bartúnková

    Mgr. Katarína Matúšková

    General information on the admission exam

    In particular parts of the entrance examination,the applicant can gain the following points: -Creativity test and test of spatial perception maximum60 points

    -Test of logical thinking and general knowledge in natural and social sciences maximum40 points.

    The applicant might gain a maximum of 100 points,successful passing of the entrance examination is conditioned by gaining a minimum 50 points.

    Form of entrance exam

    The entrance examination is done as a written test and it is anonymous


    • Apply the application for study

      01.01.2021 - 30.04.2021

    • Performance of the entrance exam

      08.06.2021 - 08.06.2021

    • Submit additional application form

      01.05.2021 - 31.07.2021

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    Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

    Current number of filed applications:

    Annual tuition fees
    Standard length of study: 3500 €
    Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 3500 €

    The fee for admission procedure
    application form: 40 €
    E-application form: 40 €

    Billing information

    Bank Data

    Beneficiary ́s IBAN : SK8881800000007000084007

    Beneficiary ́s Account Name: Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave

    Beneficiary ́s Address: Vazovova 5, 812 43 Bratislava

    Country Code: SKBIC/SWIFT

    Beneficiary Bank Code: SPSRSKBA

    Beneficiary Bank :Štátna pokladnica Radlinského 32810 05 BratislavaSlovakia

    Variable symbol (application form in the shop ŠEVT): 9071002122

    Variable symbol: number e-application form (application form in the electronic form)

    Prefer to fill in the application form electronically, using the Academic Information System AIS 

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    Detail of the study program


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