Laboratory Testing Methods in Health Care (part-time study)

The third degree of the study programme Laboratory Testing Methods in Health Care is drafted as a preparation for independent scientific work. This study programme builds on the knowledge gained in the previous study and focuses on deepening and improvement of the theoretical knowledge with a priority focus on the current scientific discourses in the international and mainly European area.

The scientific part of this PhD study programme is drafted in conformity with the requirements of the description so that the student participates in the current research activity of the field, takes part in the preparation of research projects, attends actively research events in Slovakia and abroad and this way prepare himself for the scientific work. The scientific programme requires the student to present the results of own scientific research at Slovak and foreign conferences and also to publish the outcomes of his/her scientific work in domestic and international journals and scientific collections. In their publication activity are students encouraged to focus especially on the outcomes in category A.

Prospects of graduates

PhD study graduate in the study programme Laboratory Testing Methods in Health Care masters the methods of research and development in the field of laboratory testing methods, analyses the pathological parameters in clinical microbiology, biochemistry, haematology, immunology, pathology, cytology, pharmacology, genetics and can identify the main health issues in the context of the dynamics of demographic, social-economic and environmental conditions in population and also knows the methodology of scientific activities and the ways of evaluation of statistical data.

PhD graduate in this study programme is after finishing the study able to apply theoretical knowledge from the Laboratory Testing Methods field to the scientific work, choose proper laboratory methods to achieve expected results, create and lead a scientific team in order to solve research tasks, publish and present the results of his/her and also team scientific work.

PhD graduates in the study programme Laboratory Testing Methods in Health Care can find employment in research and development, but also the clinical laboratory medicine practice. They know how to gain scientific and expert knowledge in their field, can work efficiently as members of a research team, organize own education, keep in touch with the development in their field and can exercise the ethical principles in their practice as well.

Information on the employment of graduates

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Conditions of admission

Applicants for the PhD studies have to be graduates of the second degree of higher education of the Laboratory Testing Methods in Health Care or graduates of related fields of study. Before the admissions for doctoral studies, the faculty will announce the list of topics of the dissertation theses. The applicants for the PhD study have to choose one of these topics and sign in. For each of these announced topics is given a supervisor, who is employed for full-time at the faculty and approved by the Academic Council of Faculty of Health Care and Social Work. In agreement with the relevant department guarantors, the faculty may also accept a topic proposed by the applicant. The condition for admission to the study is the submission of the application in the given deadline. The applicant encloses to the application form also:

  • Curriculum Vitae,
  • a certified copy of documents on completion of the second-degree study programme in the relevant field of study (“Mgr.”),
  • a certified copy of the document granting an academic degree “Doctor” in the related fields of study (MUDr., PhDr., PaedDr., ThDr.), if he/she has been given such a degree,
  • a list of the results of previous professional activity,
  • a list of the published and unpublished works, including expert opinions on these works, if there are any,
  • project on the dissertation thesis topic,
  • evidence of the administrative fee payment for the admissions (40 €)
  • a statement in which language will the applicant perform the linguistic examination.

  In the case of the applicant´s absence, the administration fee for the admission procedure will not be refunded.

Conditions for international students

Graduates from foreign universities may also apply for admissions, but they have to have adequate scope and content of the study and recognized certificates. If the applicant has completed his/her university studies abroad, then we act according to the Act. No. 422/2015 Coll. on recognition of documents on education and on recognition of professional qualifications and on changing and amending certain laws and following the procedures for study and documents recognition of Trnava University in Trnava.

Conditions of admission without the entrance exam

Coordinator for students with specific needs

doc. PhDr. Nadežda Kovalčíková, PhD.

General information on the admission exam

PhD study admissions for the study programme Laboratory Testing Methods in Health Care comprises an examination from vocational subjects, including a presentation of the dissertation thesis project and an expert discussion on it. It includes also methodological questions about the planned research and language examination (in English, German, French or Russian language). The admission takes into consideration also the scope of publishing and other professional activities, as well as the readiness of the applicant to work with foreign scientific literature.

Form of entrance exam

The entrance examination is carried out in the presence of a selection board, which determine the preparedness of an applicant for the PhD study programme. The entrance examination consists of the following parts:

1. Written exam in a foreign language

  • the applicant indicates the chosen foreign language in his study application and according to the test results can the committee subsequently exercise the right to request the applicant as a part of presentation and discussion about the project and the dissertation thesis topic in that language
  • for this part of entrance examination can the applicant earn a maximum of 60 points


2. An oral interview focusing on knowledge in the field 

  • in the interview is our aim to find out the applicant´s requirements for the successful entry into the PhD study, while the interview´s topics and set of questions are available on the faculty´s website -
  • for this part of entrance examination can the applicant get a maximum of 60 points


3. Presentation and discussion on the project and the dissertation topic

  • the applicant presents his project to the dissertation topic in the presence of the committee, which was submitted with the application, while the set scope of the project is from 2000 to 3500 words
  • the committee assesses the quality of the finished project, feasibility of the project, choice of the research strategy, presentation of the scientific and research intent of the applicant, reactions of the applicant to questions and suggestions of the committee
  • for this part of the entrance examination can the applicant get a maximum of 150 points


It is necessary to consult the dissertation project with the supervisor, or with the supervisor specialist, in advance. The list of supervisors and supervisors specialists approved by the Research Board of the Faculty of Health Care and Social Work of Trnava University in Trnava is available on the faculty´s website -


4. Other documented evidence of scientific activities

  • participation in the ŠVOČ (Students Scientific and Specialized Activity), achieved awards for studies, own publication activity etc.
  • for this part of the entrance examination can the applicant earn a maximum of 30 points


The maximum possible number of points that an applicant can earn for the admissions is 300. The placing of applicants determines the committee at a non-public meeting. The admissions results will be published by the faculty on its website. The applicants will be informed in written form. 

  • Open day


  • Apply the application for study


  • Performance of the entrance exam

    14.06.2021 - 30.06.2021

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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • CV (electronic form)
  • overená fotokópia diplomu 2. stupňa v príslušnom alebo príbuznom odbore (electronic form)
  • zoznam výsledkov doterajšej odbornej činnosti (electronic form)
  • zoznam publikovaných a nepublikovaných prác, vrátane odborných posudkov na tieto práce, ak boli vyhotovené (electronic form)
  • projekt k téme dizertačnej práce (electronic form)
  • doklad o zaplatení administratívneho poplatku za prijímacie konanie (electronic form)
  • prehlásenie z akého jazyka bude uchádzač robiť jazykovú skúšku (electronic form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: 750 €
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 750 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 40 €
E-application form: 40 €

Billing information

Expected number of applicants to admit:


Annual tuition fees

Standard length of study: 750€

Study longer than the standard length of the study programme, parallel study: 750 €

Admissions fee

Written application form: 40€

Electronic application form: 40 €

Billing information

Invoice data: Bank: State Treasury/ Bank account: 7000241201/8180

IBAN: SK85 8180 0000 0070 0024 1201

Variable symbol: generated by the university for the applicant´s payment = personal number of applicant without the letter R generated via electronic application form, or without the symbol, if the applicant sends in the application form only by post

Specific symbol: 30002 / Additional information: Surname and Name

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Detail of the study program


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