Krízový manažment

Graduates of the third degree master scientific methods of guiding and solving risk and crisis situations in the environment of public administration and in the social environment in general, in the economic, financial, legislative, infrastructural (especially in transport), technical and technological, environmental and environmental environment. They master the methods of occurrence, operation and resolution of emergencies in the given environment, identification and resolution of risk and crisis phenomena in these environments, as well as the methods of creation and application of crisis planning in the environment of state security and civil security. They are able to apply research methods, risk and crisis management methods and techniques, and crisis planning principles. They are familiar with the fundamental legal standards in the field of crisis management. Based on the results of their research activities, they propose new methods and technologies for dealing with crisis phenomena.

Prospects of graduates

Graduates of the third level of university studies in the field of civil security master scientific methods and tools used in the analysis of risks and threats to the security of specific entities, regions, or the entire state. They use analytical methods to optimise processes and design complex measures to improve the security of systems. They propose new methods and technologies for dealing with crisis phenomena.

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Conditions of admission

The basic condition for admission to doctoral studies (third degree study programme) is the acquisition of a second degree of higher education (Higher Education Act No.131/2002 Coll., as amended)in the same or a related field of study.In the case of a foreign applicant or a student who has completed his/her studies abroad, he/she shall submit with the application form for university studies, no later than at the time of enrolment, a decision on the recognition of the document on the completion of the second degree by the relevant institution in the Slovak Republic, or shall apply to UNIZA for the recognition of the document on the education.

Additional information

Applications are invited for the following study programmes. If you are interested in more than one study programme, you must apply for each study programme separately and pay the appropriate fee. Applicants must fill in the Application for Undergraduate Studies - 3rd cycle form or use the electronic form. The electronic application form can be filled in via the UNIZA website or the university portal Even in the case of electronic application, the required attachments and proof of payment of the fee must be provided. In case of filling in the Application for university studies - 3rd degree form, it should be sent to the address FBI UNIZA, Ul. 1. mája 32, 010 26 Žilina by the specified deadlines. Incomplete application for studies or application for studies sent after the specified deadlines will not be accepted. In the event of non-participation or failure in the admission procedure, the faculty will not refund the admission fee. If a candidate wishes to take part in the admission procedure at more than one faculty of UNIZA, the application must be submitted separately to each faculty with payment of the appropriate fee.

Conditions for international students

For foreign applicants, the admission conditions apply as for applicants from the Slovak Republic.

Coordinator for students with specific needs

Coordinator for work with students with specific needs:

Mgr. Valéria Moricová, PhD.

<041/513 67 31


General information on the admission exam

Rules of the selection procedure

The course of the entrance examination is regulated by the UNIZA Directive No. 110 as amended by Appendix No. 1 of the Study Regulations for the Third Degree of Higher Education at the University of Žilina.

The Admissions Committee submits the results of the admission procedure and a proposal for the admission of successful applicants to the Dean of the FBI UNIZA. The Dean of FBI UNIZA, after discussing the proposal with the committee and the guarantors of the doctoral study programmes and based on the capacity possibilities, decides on the admission/non-admission of the applicant within 30 days from the date of the admission examination.

Form of entrance exam
  • Selection procedure

    Candidates will be selected on the basis of the marks obtained in the entrance examination. The entrance examination is conducted in the form of an oral examination before a committee of the relevant field of study, the content of which is to test the applicant's knowledge of a foreign language, mathematics and professional and scientific orientation in the field to which he/she is applying, including the reasons for choosing the topic, the methods he/she expects to use in solving the topic and the expected conclusions of the thesis. The evaluation includes an assessment of the results of the applicant's studies to date and of the applicant's aptitude for independent scientific work.

  • Open day


  • Open day


  • Apply the application for study


  • Performance of the entrance exam

    15.06.2023 - 15.06.2023

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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • CV (paper form, electronic form)
  • verified copy of the degree for applicant of other universities (paper form, electronic form)
  • certified copy of certificate to candidates from other universities (paper form, electronic form)
  • photocopy of the Diploma Supplement to candidates from other universities (paper form, electronic form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 1500 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 20 €
E-application form: 20 €

Billing information

University of Žilina, Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina

bank: State Treasury

account number in the form IBAN: SK30 8180 0000 0070 0026 9933

constant symbol: 0308

variable symbol: 10933 - doctoral studies

Always up-to-date news about university The University of Žilina on your email.
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Detail of the study program

The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

Detail of the study program


0911 154 882
0910 288 664
0911 154 214
037 / 6414881
037 / 6414890
(7.30 - 15.30 h.)


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