Film and Television Directing and Script-Writing

The Film and Television Directing and Screenwriting programme seeks to combine general arts education with practical experience and is a close link between theory and practice.
The intention of the Film and Television Directing and Screenwriting programme at the Bachelor's level is to provide students with knowledge and practical experience in the following areas:
- the creation and development of talent, knowledge and application of creative artistic activities in the field of film and television scriptwriting and directing - in the form of practical exercises
- the techniques of creation, authorial interpretation of reality and the realization of program textures into the form of an artifact
- the history of film art television and other audiovisual production
- social, humanistic, artistic, economic and legal contexts related to the field of audio-visual production.

A degree program specializing in film documentary production and film dramaturgy and screenwriting

Prospects of graduates

The graduate of the Bachelor's study programme Film and Television Directing and Screenwriting can apply in practice according to his/her individual qualities, talent prerequisites and interests, expressed in the specialisation and the choice of elective subjects as follows:

- author of scripts for various types of audiovisual media.
- as a dramaturg in the production of audiovisual programmes.
- as a dramaturg, he/she can run a small television workplace or video studio.
- as a director of short films.
- at a professional level, he/she can master the basic film professions, camera, editing and sound, and based on the chosen specialization, he/she can apply himself/herself in the television environment as a cameraman, editor or sound engineer.
- he/she can flexibly react to the development of digital media and use them in the creative process.
- is ready to co-organise various media shows, symposiums, workshops, film shows.
- in larger studios can be employed as a middle service staff in the production of demanding audiovisual projects. (Assistant director, camera, production, management, etc.)
- is prepared to reflect on audiovisual production in the form of reviews and critiques
- after obtaining a bachelor's degree, can develop his/her professional artistic growth in a follow-up or related master's degree program.

- is able to work in the following or a related master's degree program

Person responsible for the implementation, development and quality of the degree programme (OHSP):
doc. Mgr. art. Ľubomír Viluda, ArtD.

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Conditions of admission

Acceptance of applicants for bachelor's studies is subject to successful completion of secondary school with a high school diploma and demonstration of abilities and personal disposition for the chosen study programme. In the event that admission interviews to FDU are held before the date of the applicant's final examination, the applicant is admitted to study conditionally.
Definite admission to the study is conditional upon successful completion of the final examination. The applicant must submit proof of the completion of full secondary education (matriculation certificate) within ten days of passing the matriculation examination, but at the latest by the deadline for enrolment in the study programme.
FDU AU determines additional conditions for admission to the study of individual study programmes in order to ensure that applicants with the necessary abilities and aptitudes are admitted to the study.
The conditions set and the method of verifying their fulfilment must enable the selection of applicants who demonstrate the highest level of talent, abilities, knowledge for study in the study programme.
The entrance examination is designed to test the applicant's level of knowledge, talent, thinking, abilities and skills in the light of the specific requirements arising for the applicant from the chosen bachelor's degree programme.
Orientation and basic knowledge in the fields of film art as well as a general knowledge of art history are assumed.
Knowledge of one foreign world language at matriculation level is also desirable.
Basic personal computer skills at user level are also a prerequisite for admission.
The applicant has the option of focusing on screenwriting or documentary filmmaking and may choose a combination of these during his/her studies according to his/her own discretion, preferences, and current academic performance.

Additional information

Application deadlines, including delivery of required works:

specializing in film dramaturgy and screenwriting 31. March 2023
with a specialization in film documentary filmmaking March 31, 2023

Admission Dates :

specializing in Film Documentary Production April 13, 2023

with a specialization in film dramaturgy and screenwriting April 27, 2023

Consultations for all programmes of study are arranged by individual arrangement with the Heads of Departments. It is necessary to register for the consultation at least 5 working days before the announced date, as well as before the date by individual request to the relevant lecturer at the published email address.

09/02/2023 and 16/03/2023 -
Focusing on film dramaturgy and screenwriting - on individual request -

Electronic Application Form:

An applicant to the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica applies for studies by filling in the electronic application form and sending it to the Faculty by the deadline.
To fill in the electronic application form, it is necessary to log in on the website:

The candidate: completes the electronic application form, confirms the electronic application form, prints the electronic application form, sends the signed application form with the necessary attachments by post to the faculty at the following address:

Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica
Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Kollárova 22
974 01 Banská Bystrica
in written form. More information on the website (for applicants - application forms)

Mandatory works

must be submitted together with the application form

Conditions for international students

The admission conditions for foreign applicants are identical to those for Slovak applicants.

Coordinator for students with specific needs

Mgr. art. Soňa Kočanová, ArtD.
phone:+421 48 4320 305

General information on the admission exam

An applicant with a disability, upon his/her request for a modification of the form and manner of the entrance examination taking into account his/her specific needs, FDU AU shall determine the form of the entrance examination and the manner of its administration taking into account his/her health problems.

In order to apply the same assessment criteria to all applicants to study at FDU AU, it is not possible to set an alternative date for the admission procedure.

The entrance examination consists of two parts and is conducted on one or more dates, if necessary and depending on the number of applicants. The dates of the entrance talent tests will be adjusted annually according to the current study schedule and the number of applicants.

The dates of the entrance talent tests will be adjusted annually according to the current study schedule and the number of applicants.

The practical part of the talent exam is aimed at testing the applicant's ability to independently produce creative outputs. The candidate should also demonstrate an interest in wider cultural and social events, or document any individual artistic activity to date.

The entrance talent test consists of the submission of homework, a written test, the completion of practical assignments and an oral interview with members of the committee.

In an exceptional situation (state of emergency, bad pandemic situation, etc.), the examination committee may decide to hold the entrance examination online.

A candidate has the option to focus on screenwriting or documentary filmmaking and may also choose a combination of the two during the course of his/her studies, according to his/her discretion, preferences and continuous study results.

Form of entrance exam

Talent Exam (written test, film analysis, etude, defense of submitted work and personal interview)


Written test of general knowledge - (Cultural and historical overview at the level of secondary education and orientation in a field where a deeper interest beyond the secondary school curriculum is assumed.)

  • Apply the application for study

    20.12.2023 - 24.03.2024

  • Performance of the entrance exam

    11.04.2024 - 26.04.2024

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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • (paper form)
  • (paper form)
  • (paper form)
  • (paper form)
  • (paper form)
  • (paper form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 1200 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 50 €
E-application form: 40 €

Billing information

Recipient's account name: Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Kollárova 22, 974 01 Banská Bystrica
Money institution: the State Treasury
IBAN: SK50 8180 0000 0070 0006 7813
Account number: 7000067813/8180
Variable symbol: 501 (mandatory)
Message to the recipient: first and last name

On the reverse side of the Recipient Information, please indicate: PP FDU

Administrative fee is to be paid by the applicant by postal order type RI (enclose the receipt of payment with the application form) or by wire transfer from the bank (enclose a printed receipt from the statement with the application form).

In exceptional cases and by prior arrangement, payment can be made directly to the admissions office by contacting the study department at the following email address:

Always up-to-date news about university Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica on your email.
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Detail of the study program

The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

Detail of the study program


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037 / 6414881
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