Film and Television Directing and Script-Writing

degree program focusing on Film Documentary Production and Film Dramaturgy and Screenwriting

Prospects of graduates

The graduate is able to independently and creatively apply his/her practical experience, technical skills and professional abilities necessary to create an original script based on an original topic and is able to fulfil his/her own authorial intention. He or she also has a refined ability for critical reflection, so that he or she can communicate his or her creative impulses and practices to others. He can think conceptually and coordinate a crew where he applies his dramaturgical experience. He is also able to use his knowledge, gained from intimate knowledge of Slovak and international documentary and fiction filmmaking, as well as the television environment and its multi-genre spectrum, in the creation of his own audiovisual projects.

The director of a documentary film is the only author of a film or other audiovisual work. Together with a collective of co-authors, he or she selects and renders reality into the form of an independent audiovisual whole. The main goal of his collaboration with other filmmakers is to transform, by effective and efficient means of film language, the message of ideas and stories about human life and events taking place in the real world, and to present them in a compelling, aesthetically and emotionally powerful form in the media space.

The Bachelor's graduate independently and creatively applies his/her practical experience, technical skills and professional abilities necessary for the scriptwriting realization of his/her own idea concept and the fulfillment of the author's intention, which results in the creation of a screenplay for a feature film of 1 hour in length. At the same time, the graduate of the Bachelor's degree demonstrates the skills of theoretical reflection and the ability to communicate his/her own knowledge and creative processes to others. The graduate of the study programme is theoretically and practically prepared for independent author's creation and for the function of an erudite script consultant.

The graduate of the bachelor's degree,according to individual talent, personal aptitude and optional specialization has theoretical and practical experience in screenwriting a feature film of one hour in length , at the same time he can creatively process a literary source material into the form of a film adaptation. He is prepared to participate in the creation of documentary, journalistic and popular science films, to independently prepare and realize a documentary film, to participate in the author's work in the creation of a documentary film in demanding physical and economic-organizational conditions, where he is able to work independently, to create audiovisual works inspired by stimuli from other artistic fields and human activities. (artfilm, music video, popular science film, etc.). Presenting own solutions to the assigned tasks, author's concepts and projects of film works , is ready to continue in the master's studies, has theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of film art and is able to use them in management or business activities, has an overview of the historical and contemporary forms of film art and acquires a practical basis of creative procedures and methods for the creation and realization of a film work and will apply in the professions of screenwriter, dramaturg, editor.


In the framework of theoretical knowledge, the student will gain orientation in artistic processes and theoretical foundations of film and audiovisual work creation and its reflection, basic knowledge and orientation in the history of film and other arts, philosophy, aesthetics and culture in general, basic knowledge and orientation in the history of theoretical views on film, audiovisual production and mass media communication, basic knowledge of the theory of sensory perception and the techniques, means and procedures of using artificial sensory stimuli to influence human consciousness, basic knowledge of legal contexts.

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Conditions of admission
  • The specific conditions for the entrance examinations and how they are conducted are published at

Additional information

Deadline for submission of applications, including receipt of required entries:

Film Dramaturgy and Screenwriting - March 14, 2022 Delivery of required works simultaneously with the application
Film Documentary - by 11. April 2022 /Delivery of mandatory works by 11 April 2022 - the applicant sends a download link (, WeTransfer, etc.) with all works to

Deadline for entrance exams:

Majoring in Film Dramaturgy and Screenwriting : April 14, 2022
Majoring in Film Documentary Production : April 21, 2022

Dates of Consultations: All consultations will be conducted online by the candidate contacting the respective
educator via mail to the published email address:

with a focus on documentary filmmaking - on an individual basis upon request -
with a focus on film dramaturgy and screenwriting - on an individual basis upon request -

Electronic application for studies:
A candidate for studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica applies for studies by completing the electronic application form and sending it to the faculty by the specified deadline. Applications can be submitted from 1 October 2021 (made available)
to fill in the electronic application form it is necessary to log on to the website:
the applicant: fills in the electronic application form, confirms the electronic application form, prints out the electronic application form, sends the signed application form with the necessary attachments by post to the faculty.
For more information, please visit the website: (for applicants - application forms)

Conditions for international students
  • conditions of admission of foreign applicants are identical to the conditions of admission of Slovak applicants

Coordinator for students with specific needs

Mgr. art. Soňa Kočanová, ArtD.


phone:+421 48 4320 305

General information on the admission exam
  • Each applicant must take a talent entrance exam.
  • Application forms must be submitted separately for each programme of study.
  • Applicants who have completed their secondary education should send a certified copy of their high school diploma with their application ( No need to certify the Supplement!! ). Do not send regular school certificates!!!
  • Those candidates who have not yet graduated will list on the application form the benefit of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd year grades only for the end of the year and the grades obtained in the 4th year for the half year.
  • Vitae is a mandatory attachment to the application form.
  • Admission examinations are anonymous, not open to the public.
  • The dean of the faculty is responsible for the preparation, organisation, conduct and completion of the admission procedure.
  • The lists of admitted and non-admitted applicants to the bachelor's degree programmes will be published on the FDU AU website within 48 hours of its completion at - NEWS
  • Send applications :


    To complete the electronic application form, the applicant should log on to, where the applicant:

  • completes the online application form
  • confirm the online application
  • print the online application form
  • sends the signed application form with the necessary attachments by post to the faculty

to the following address:

Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica

Faculty of Dramatic Arts

Kollárova 22

974 01 Banská Bystrica

in written form

  • The form can be purchased at the ŠEVT shop or searched on the Internet and the completed and signed application form with the necessary attachments should be sent to the above address by post
  • The application form for undergraduate studies should be completed as instructed and supplemented with a curriculum vitae.
  • After the registration and evaluation of applications, applicants will be sent further necessary information about the admission procedure for individual study programmes, which will also be published on the AU website (
  • An application without the attached proof of payment of the administrative fee will be excluded from the register.

Form of entrance exam

talent test


Written test of general knowledge. (Cultural and historical overview at the level of secondary education and orientation in the field)

  • Apply the application for study


  • Performance of the entrance exam

    13.04.2023 - 20.04.2023

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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • leaving certificate (paper form)
  • CV (paper form)
  • doklad o zaplatení poplatku za prijímacie konanie (paper form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 1200 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 50 €
E-application form: 40 €

Billing information

Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica

Kollárova 22

974 01 Banská Bystrica

Banka: Štátna pokladnica
Account: 7000067813/8180

Account number in the form IBAN: SK50 8180 0000 0070 0006 7813

Variable symbol: 501

Administrative fee to be paid by the applicant by postal order type RI (please enclose the receipt of payment with the application form) or by wire transfer from the account (please enclose the printed statement with the application form).

In exceptional cases and by prior arrangement, payment can be made directly to the admissions office by contacting the study department at the following email address:

Always up-to-date news about university Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica on your email.
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Detail of the study program

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Detail of the study program


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0911 154 214
037 / 6414881
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(7.30 - 15.30 h.)


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