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Study programmes

Laboratory Medicine (full-time)
Laboratory medicine (external)
Nursing (full-time)
Physiotherapy (full-time)
Physiotherapy (external)
Public Health (full-time)
Public Health (external)

Foreign language study programs are not provided.

Faculty profile

At the faculty, studies are currently being carried out in the bachelor's study programs Nursing, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Examination Methods in Health Care, Public Health and in the master's study programs Nursing, Physiotherapy, Public Health. At the same time, the rigorous procedure in the Nursing study program is also activated.

The faculty consists of the Department of Nursing, the Department of Laboratory Examination Methods in Health and Public Health, the Department of Physiotherapy, the Department of Clinical, Theoretical and Special Disciplines and the Department of Physical Education and Sport.

In its scientific research activities, the Faculty specializes mainly in the areas of its fields of study with an emphasis on a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. The faculty includes 3 scientific centers: Center for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Center for Quality of Life, Center for Biostatistic Applications.

The aim of the faculty is not only the development of knowledge, skills of students, but also their education for responsibility and independence. The quality of teaching is given primarily by the professional and personal quality of employees, their approach to teaching, individual approach to students, creativity and flexibility.

The faculty uses the support of the full-time method of study by e-learning, involvement of students in SVOČ, in scientific research activities at the faculty and university, in organizing conferences and professional events, involvement of students and teachers in the Erasmus + program, and also gives the opportunity to publish in scientific journals Zdravotnícke listy a University Review.

Detailed information about the Faculty is available at: https://fz.tnuni.sk/index.php?id=45&no_cache=1

Admission procedure

Accommodation and boarding


Accommodation options for students: http://tnuni.sk/studenti/ubytovanie/


Boarding – Študentská ul.:  https://tnuni.sk/strava/strava/novinky/

Other services

Coordinator for students with specific needs: PhDr. Kamila Jurdíková; e-Mail:  kamila.jurdikova@tnuni.sk ; Phone: +421 32 7400607

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