Vehicles Maintenance and Repair

Prospects of graduates
Graduates of the Bachelor's degree programme „Vehicles Maintenance and Repair“ are qualified to deal with issues relating to the operability of automobiles through a complex care, starting with introduction into operation until its completion implemented at the holder's facilities. Graduates gain knowledge in the area of automobile design, its technical operation and maintenance control, inspection activities, renovations, repairs, and logistics. They are able to systematically analyse, effectively organise and manage activities of servicing and repair activities. Graduates can assess technical condition, carry out maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, and testing of automobiles and their groups. They are able to work in teams and communicate with professionals and other complex care providers.

Graduates are qualified to work as Maintenance Operators and Maintenance Managers of servicing and car repairs centres, as well as in transportation companies and organisations using automobile technology. They are able to work in the area of services and trade with automobiles, spare parts, operation materials and commodities relating to the use of automobiles. Graduates can also work as entrepreneurs in the area of maintenance, servicing, and sale of automobiles.

Information on the employment of graduates

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Conditions of admission
Completed secondary or secondary vocational education.

Additional information
Applicants will be admitted without entrance examinations on the basis of a selection procedure according to the results of completed secondary education and after all the requirements have been met.

Conditions for international students
The admission conditions for foreign students are identical to the admission conditions for Slovak students.

Conditions of admission without the entrance exam
The admission procedure will be in the form of a selection procedure based on the results during studies at the secondary school and the school-leaving examination from the secondary school as well as professional activities from the secondary school.

Coordinator for students with specific needs
Ing. Beáta Kopiláková, PhD., tel.: 032/7400231, e-mail:
Ing. Katarína Žitňanská, tel.: 032/7400270, e-mail:

General information on the admission exam
There is no entrance examination, students will be admitted according to their previous study results.
It is advisable to fill the application electronically via After submitting, the application form does not need to be printed and mailed by post. Applicants must only send compulsory annexes to the Faculty Study Department:
• A copy of the school-leaving exam certificate attested by a notary or register office.
• This year's graduates are required to submit a notary attested copy of school-leaving exam certificate upon its receipt, no later than on the date of enrolment.
• A certificate of recognition of the secondary education awarded by foreign secondary schools is required to be submitted no later than on the date of enrolment. (Certificates issued in the Czech Republic are automatically considered as equivalent, i.e. no further action is required)

• When a sign „uložená“ / „saved“ is displayed on the screen, an e-application form is saved in the Academic Information System.
• In case the admission fee is not paid in the e-application form by 8 days from the e-application form in the status of "preklopená", the receipt of payment should be sent to:
• No decision on admission to study will be mailed to those who failed to pay the application fee.
• The admission procedure to start, applicants shall send their application for study by the deadline given. The faculty does not inform applicants on receiving their applications. Applicants have to check themselves whether their applications were registered in the Academic Information System (AIS); e-application status shall be „preklopená“.
• The Dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Relations shall appoint a board for the admission procedure, consisting of a chairman and its members. The commission shall check whether all the requirements related to study are met.
• The dean shall decide on the admission to study based on the recommendations by the board members.
• Unsuccessful applicants may submit an application to review the decision on the admission to the dean within eight days from its delivery.
• Applicants who received a decision on admission are required to enrol to the program of study as instructed in writing.

Form of entrance exam
No entrance examination

  • Apply the application for study


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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • leaving certificate (paper form)
  • vysvedčenie 4. ročník (paper form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 600 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 25 €
E-application form: 25 €

Billing information
Payment details for the application:
Admission fee: 25 €
Bank: Štátna pokladnica
Account IBAN: SK1381800000007000065375
Variable symbol: 10302
Specific symbol: ID number of the candidate
information to recipient: Name and surname of the applicant

Invoicing data for the payment of the fee for the admission procedure will be generated automatically by the system after submitting the e-application, which you can find at
In the event that the fee for the admission procedure is not registered in the e-application within 8 days of payment, the applicant will send a document to verify the payment made to the head of the accounting office by e-mail:

Always up-to-date news about university Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín on your email.
We will send you all the information about important events and deadlines.

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Detail of the study program


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0911 154 882
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