Human Resources and Personnel Management

Prospects of graduates
  • researchers at colleges and universities,
  • employees in scientific research units and research institutions,
  • top managers in manufacturing enterprises,
  • top managers in governmental, public and other organizations.

Prospects of graduates
Graduates will gain knowledge about the current state of scientific knowledge in the theory and practice of human resource management and personnel management, which will be based on their own scientific research and independent creative activity. Graduates are able to work independently and creatively, research, identify, analyse and specify problems in the theory and practice of human resource management and personnel management, search for and apply adequate ways to solve them. They have comprehensive, in-depth and special knowledge of the patterns in human resources management and personnel activities, and they master the scientific methods of their research. Through their scientific activities, they are able to develop relevant knowledge of managerial processes and create new knowledge on human resource management and personnel management. Moreover, graduates are able to build effective human resource management systems in large organizations.

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Conditions of admission
  • The basic requirement is a successful completion of a Master’s program in Human Resources and Personnel Management or an equivalent degree program under Economics and Management field of study. Applicants are selected based on their performance in the interview by the admissions committee. Applicants shall demonstrate their expertise in the field, as well as their ability to explain the content, methods, structure and expected results of the selected dissertation.
  • Part of the admission interview is a presentation of the written work prepared by the applicant on the selected topic of the dissertation in the range of about 15 pages (of which 1 page is an annotation in a world language) and scientific discussion in accordance with the given topics in Human Resources and Personnel Management.
  • Applicant's skills in a selected foreign language are also assessed.

Additional information
Additional admission deadlines or deadline extension (including the admission procedure date) will be considered by the dean of the faculty.

Conditions for international students
Admission criteria apply to both international and Slovak students.

Coordinator for students with specific needs

Ing. Eva Koišová, PhD., MBA

General information on the admission exam
  • It is advisable to fill the application electronically via After submitting, the application form does not need to be printed and mailed by post to the Faculty Study Department.
  • Please, give your weighted study average in the Master study in the application.
  • In order to speed up communication in case of incomplete application, applicants shall provide a valid and correct e-mail address.

Required annexes to the application form:
  • Signed Curriculum Vitae.
  • A copy of the Diploma Supplement or an original transcript of the Master study records confirmed by the Study Department attested by a notary or register office (not applicable to FSEV TnUAD graduates).
  • List of published works and achieved results in student scientific and professional works
  • Project of the dissertation submitted in the admission procedure

Mandatory annexes to the application shall be submitted to the Study Department no later than the deadline set for the submission of applications.
When a sign „uložená“ is displayed on the screen, the e-application form is saved in the Academic Information System. Candidates can check their registration in the Academic Information System in their e-application, the application will be in the „preklopená“ mode, after the payment of the fee, a sign „poplatok uhradený“ (fee paid) shall appear.
Tuition for students who exceeded the standard length of study and/or students who are simultaneously studying at another institution of higher education will be charged in accordance with the applicable Directive which stipulates the amount of tuition and fees related to the studies at A. Dubcek University in Trenčín.

General requirements and information:
  • Students in their last year of Master study, who have not completed their Master studies, yet, may apply for doctoral study. This fact should be written in the application.
  • If candidates do not have their diplomas issued by their universities by the admission interview date, candidates shall submit them by the date as specified by the Admission Board.
  • Part of the admission procedure is the assignment of doctoral thesis topics and supervisors. Current topics can be found on in the candidate section.
  • Members of the Admission Board are appointed by the Dean. During the interview, the board members assess candidates' potential to meet the criteria of doctoral study. The Admission Board will evaluate the performance of individual candidates with the exclusion of public. When more than one candidate chooses the same topic, the Admission Board will rank the candidates in order of their performance.
  • Scholarly publication activities as well as achievements in student research and scientific activities will also be taken into consideration.
  • When more than one candidate chooses the same thesis topic and the nature of the topic precludes it from being examined by more than one candidate, the Admission Board will then rank the respective candidates in order of their performance in the admission interview. In doing so, the Board will also look at the candidates' quality and quantity of professional publication or artistic activity or achievements in other professional areas.
  • Minutes of the admission interviews will be taken. The names of successful candidates will be proposed to the Dean. The Dean will decide on candidate's admission or rejection to doctoral study. The letter on admission to doctoral study will also include information on the supervisor's name and the doctoral dissertation topic.
  • The letter on the admission interview outcome will be sent to candidates by registered mail no later than 30 days after the eligibility to study had been checked. In addition to the decision on admission or refusal, the letter shall include the information on justification and possibility to have the decision reviewed.
  • A request for review may be taken by a candidate should they be dissatisfied with the decision.
  • Admitted candidates become doctoral students on the enrolment day; the date shall be fixed by the Dean.
  • In the course of study, the topic may be modified only with the Dean's approval.
  • Candidates who completed a Master degree programme abroad must submit a document on the recognition of a completed higher-education study issued by a foreign institution of higher education. If an international treaty between the respective state and the Slovak Republic on mutual recognition and equivalence of educational documents is concluded, such document is not required (e.g. higher education diplomas issued in the Czech Republic are automatically considered as equivalent, i.e. no further action is required.
  • To start the admission procedure, candidates shall send their applications for doctoral study by the given deadline. The faculty does not inform candidates on receiving their applications. Candidates can check whether their applications were registered in the Academic Information System (AIS) on in the CANDIDATES section.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • The attached documents and admission fee will not be returned to the candidates.

Form of entrance exam
  • prijímací pohovor

  • Apply the application for study


  • Performance of the entrance exam

    01.07.2022 - 01.07.2022

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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 950 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 34 €
E-application form: 34 €

Billing information
Invoice data to pay the admission procedure fee will be generated automatically in the form of a bank order after submitting the e-application, which can be found on

If the admission procedure fee is not registered in the e-application within 8 days of payment, applicants shall send a copy of payment to the head of the accounting office to:

Always up-to-date news about university Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín on your email.
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Detail of the study program

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Detail of the study program


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