The graduates in the study programme Computer Design and Simulation obtain in the first part of their professional education knowledge of theoretical subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Strength and Strain which along with the Rigid Body Mechanics and design and technology-related subjects constitute theoretical and practical basis for the study of the particular study program. Building on this basis the graduates in the second part of professional education acquire knowledge of applied sciences focused mainly on modelling, calculations, construction, operation and maintenance of technical facilities. The students can on the basis of optional subjects aim at all areas of technical sciences. In addition, the graduates are able to handle routine work with modern CAD systems for construction and modelling support, as well as systems for calculating, analyse, and simulation of parts of technical systems and mechanisms in dynamic and FEM analyses. The students can demonstrate their expertise when solving semester and final projects. The study programme ends with the final state examination and thesis defence. During their study, the students receive theoretical and methodological basis and professional and practical experience and skills that are necessary for solving a wide range of issues related to the design, engineering, construction and operation of various machinery and equipment. The graduates are employable in the areas of proposing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of technical systems.

Prospects of graduates

Absolvent štúdia sa v praxi uplatní v oblasti navrhovania, projektovania, konštruovania, prevádzky a údržby  technických systémov.

Information on the employment of graduates

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Conditions of admission

1.   The fundamental prerequisite of being accepted to the undergraduate study program (first degree) is full completion of secondary education (Higher Education Act, n.131/2002 Coll.).

2.   Language competence – written and oral command of Slovak or Czech.  Studying at the faculty, including the opportunity of spending a part of your study abroad, calls for a need of mastering at least one of the world languages (English, German, Spanish, French).  

Health capability – the faculty does not require any confirmations of health status and accepts all the applications without any health certificates for all degrees of the university studies.

Additional information

Všetky informácie ohľadom prijímacieho konania sú zverejnené na web stránke fakulty:

Conditions for international students

The same terms and conditions of admission are applicable as for the applicants from abroad as for the applicants from Slovakia.

Foreign students who study in a foreign language(i.e. not Slovak), pay the tuition fee as stated in § 92 Subsection 8 (Higher Education Act). The tuition fee is specified by the UNIZA directive for the respective academic year, which can be found on the university website.

Students from abroad who study in the Slovak language do not have to pay the tuition fee. The applicants from the Czech Republic who want to apply and study in Žilina can use the application form available in the Czech Republic. The applicants who do not actively speak Slovak or Czech are required to attend the language training. (It is possible to attend the Slovak for Foreigners courses at UNIZA).

For foreign applicants who were accepted on the basis of international agreements or Slovak government grants, terms and conditions stated in respective agreements are applicable.

Without entrance examinations

Conditions of admission without the entrance exam


Coordinator for students with specific needs

doc. Mgr. Branislav Ftorek, PhD. tel.: 041/513 2519, 4950


General information on the admission exam


Form of entrance exam

Selection Procedure

  • selection procedure is carried out in a form of an interview in order to ensure that the accepted candidates dispose of the necessary skills and abilities.

Rules of Selection Procedure

  • within the selection procedure, the results achieved during the secondary school study (annual certificates and the school leaving exam certificate) and participation in subject’s competitions in Mathematics or Physics (Olympiáda) at a regional or higher level will be evaluated, whereas the type of the secondary school will be considered as well. No entrance examinations take place.

  • Apply the application for study


  • Send certificate to


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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • leaving certificate (paper form, electronic form)
  • CV (paper form, electronic form)
  • overené vysvedčenie zo strednej školy (1.-3. ročník) - vyžaduje sa LEN V PRÍPADE, AK výpis výsledkov štúdia v prihláške nie je potvrdený strednou školou (paper form, electronic form)
  • doklad o úhrade poplatku za prijímacie konanie (paper form, electronic form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 450 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 20 €
E-application form: 20 €

Billing information

Žilinská univerzita, Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina

Bank: Štátna pokladnica

IBAN: SK34 8180 0000 0070 0026 9861

constant symbol: 0308

variable symbol:             10231 – bakalárske štúdium

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Detail of the study program


037 / 641 48 81
0911 154 882
0911 154 214


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