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Faculty of Central European Studies at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra develops its activities in the spirit of multiculturalism and mutual understanding. Base mission of the faculty is to provide both high-quality theoretic education and practical experience and skills needed for active participation in scientific, economic and social life development. According to the above goal, the faculty educates highly erudite teachers for schools with Hungarian tuition language on one hand and professionals with wide language knowledge who can assert themselves in various fields of culture, public administration, tourism and in the third sector on the other one.

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Student Dormitory UKF Nitra (Dormitory NITRA) is UKF facility for accommodating its students, staff, international teachers and guests. Dormitory NITRA is situated only 5 minutes by walk from the university rectorate building and very close to the centre of the town and to the exhibition area Agrokomplex.

Student Dormitory ZOBOR (Dormitory ZOBOR) is UKF facility for accommodating its students, staff, international teachers and guests. Dormitory ZOBOR is situated near the Faculty of Education and University Library not very far from the centre of the town.


There is a university canteen in Dormitory NITRA and in Dormitory ZOBOR serving lunches to students and staff as well as buffet for purchase of some food stuff. Canteen is able to prepare refreshments for reasonable price.

Other services

International Relations Office (IRO) represents the key element in coordinating and developing of international cooperation of UKF as a whole and its promotion towards the external international public.  IRO cooperates with faculty level (with Vice-deans for international relations, faculty and departmental Erasmus coordinators) depending on the given tasks. In cooperation with student organisation - ESN UKF section, IRO constantly improves conditions for stay of international students and staff.

The University Library is a scientific, information, bibliographic, coordinating and advisory center to support the teaching and research processes at the University. The library and information services are provided to teachers and scientists, doctoral students, students of all forms of study and other professionals.

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