The Role of Animal Production in Rural Development in the Region of Central and Eastern Europe : 8th international Conference of the JCEA

Type of event: Conference › International (in SR or ČR in a world language)
Event dates: 20.11.2013 - 22.11.2013
Event location: Nitra
Organizer: Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita v Nitre
Professional sponsor of event: Prof. Ing. Ondrej DEBRECÉNI, CSc.
Link to conference site:
Keywords: Journal of Central European Agriculture animal production regional development agricultural production Central Europe Eastern Europe
Working languages: English

The main objective

The conference, accompanied by the Annual Meeting of the International Editorial Board, is focused on biology, technology, organization, health and economy points of view of Rural Development in Central and east Europe Area. 

Scientific goal is to discuss about quality and safety farm animal products, about husbandry systems and animal welfare, about economy of production, management and safety on animal products market, about health, reproduction and genetic aspects of animal production.

Topic circuits

Session I — Quality and safety farm animal products
Session II — Livestock husbandry systems and animal welfare
Session III — Economy of production, management and safety on animal products market
Session IV — Health, reproduction and genetic aspects of animal production

Next information

The conference provide opportunity for Central European agriculture specialist to publish scientific papers and exchange information, knowledge and skills about specific problems of animal production under transition to new policy, social and economy conditions and from point of view of new members of EU. Article prepared by JCEA authors guide will be after passing review process published in journal.

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