International Interdisciplinary Conference on Topic Actual Models of Evasion out of Personal Responsibility: Slovakia nad Europe

Type of event: Seminar › With international participation
Event dates: 15.10.2020
Event location: FFTU - online Microsoft Teams
Organizer: Katedra etiky a morálnej filozofie a Katedra politológie FFTU
Professional sponsor of event: Mgr. Katarína M. Vadíková, PhD.
Held under the auspices of: FFTU
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Keywords: evasion out of personal responsibility ethics of responsibility politics health care system economics educational system dilemmas casuistics
Working languages​​: Slovak

The main objective

The conference follows on the plan given by scientifical SK-project granted by KEGA 008TTU-4/2019 – 2021: The Transfer of Personal Responsibility as a Modern type of an Evasion and its Postmodern Solutions. Since beginning of the year 2019 all scientifical interdisciplinary research of the project has been dedicated to map the situation connected within problems: how to understand and how to apply own responsibility to solve various types of s. c. hot-problems in Slovakia.

The main result of the effort was the notion Liquid Responsibility. It became the main topic of the pilot debate on Liquid Responsibility in Slovakia, in which: the notion Liquid Responsibility was defined and proved in various models of personal decision making process, where it was applied to solve contemporary political or non-ethically just media-cases. (The monograph: Liquid Responsibility in Slovakia (2020), in Slovak, will be prepared on demand to be seen during the conference).

          This year, the main aim of the conference is to grasp the problems of evasions out of personal responsibility in interdisciplinary various types of circumstances and research conditions (education, health-care, media, politics, ethics, and s. o.). Scientifical interdisciplinary research is concentrated into mechanisms of content-free misusing of the notion responsibility (evasions), where the main argumentation comes out of hedonistic, egoistic; however natural, desire to avoid to be not touched by the challenges towards own personal responsibility.

Questions of the conference are directed towards consciences of the audience of the conference to make the notion of the personal responsibility clear, to make it personalised and humanised again, against all of depression of the post-moral age.

Topic circuits

topics of the conference:

1)    Typology of the notion responsibility and the notion personal responsibility: trends and evasions;

2)    Interdisciplinarity and Ethics of responsibility: trends, challenges, evasions, national and interdisciplinary experience;

3)    Personal responsibility and personal duty: challenges and evasions; national and interdisciplinary experience;

4)    Psychology of responsibility and of evasion: national and interdisciplinary experience;

5)    Pedagogy of responsibility and of evasion: national and interdisciplinary experience;

6)    Political Sciences and Responsibility: national and interdisciplinary experience;

7)    Responsibility and healthy life-style: challenges and evasions; national and interdisciplinary experience;


Topics of the workshopS:  national and interdisciplinary experience;

1. Personal responsibility and health care system: challenges and evasions;

2. Personal responsibility and education system: challenges and evasions;
3. Personal responsibility and media: challenges and evasions;

4. Personal responsibility and politics: challenges and evasions;

5. personal responsibility in Slovakia and in Europe: international experiences;

Next information

Due to pandemic restriction the form of the organisation of the conference was changed into online. The main consequences see in  changes in programm (See more: Book of Abstracts and Material on topic Actual Models of Evasion out of Personal Responsibility: Slovakia and Europe. Trnava: FFTU, 2020. ISBN: 978-80-568-0348-6 (languages: Slovak and English) and the first announcement on conference at

The prezident of the Slovak Republic M.A. Zuzana Čaputová has written an allocution towards participants of the conference (will be printed in the Book of Papers of the Conference)

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