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Foreign language study programs are not provided.

Faculty profile

The Faculty of Medicine of the Slovak Medical University is a direct continuation of the Faculty of Health Specialization Studies, which was established together with the Faculty of Nursing and Professional Health Studies and the Faculty of Public Health on the basis of the Slovak Medical University. The Slovak Medical University (hereinafter referred to as SMU) was established by Act No 401/2002 Coll. and supplementing Act No 131/2002 Coll. .z. on higher education institutions with effect from 1 September 2002. Its activities followed the activities of the Slovak Postgraduate Academy, which since 1953, under various names, provided postgraduate education for doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals with higher education. Similarly, it also developed and provided continuing medical education, especially in the form of periodic and cyclical training of the above-mentioned categories of health care workers.

Mission of the Faculty of Medicine of the SMU

  1. To provide undergraduate education in the field of general medicine.
  2. To provide postgraduate education for doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals with higher education in accordance with the UEMS recommendation and relevant EU directives.
  3. Participate in continuing medical education.

Basic tasks of the Faculty of Medicine of the SMU

  1. educational and training activities
  2. scientific and research activities
  3. expertise activity
  4. advisory and consultancy activities

The aim of the Faculty of Medicine of the SMU is

  • education of physicians for the entire health care system,
  • in postgraduate education to prepare specialists for practice in the categories of physician, dentist, pharmacist and other health professionals with higher education,
  • to introduce new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic methods into practice through education, thus raising the level of health care,
  • to educate the young generation of SMU Faculty of Medicine educators,
  • train young scientists.

Admission procedure

Accommodation and boarding


- SMU accommodation facility, Limbová 12, Bratislava (only to a limited number of accepted applicants, according to the allocated accommodation capacity).


- SMU canteen

The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

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