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Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Púchov is unique educational institution in Slovakia and it is because of education of the specialists for metallic as well as non-metallic materials, such as rubber, silicate materials and textile. The foundation of this faculty is closely connected with the manufacturing sphere which is typical for region of Púchov because this region is one of the most industrial regions of Slovakia. This region is a centre of mechanical, rubber, glass, textile and automobile industry. There was a deficit of experts or human resources for the given mentioned special industrial spheres. The deficit of these experts or professionals should have been guaranteed by Faculty of Industrial Technologies. The education process of specialists began on September 10, 1996 and in that time, this faculty had belonged to University in Žilina with the seat in Žilina. Quite important event relating to existence of this faculty is connected with accreditation which was obtained in May, 1997 and it was for study field with the name materials engineering. 

Formation of new self-governing regions as well as establishment of University of Alexander Dubček in Trenčín meant that Faculty of Industrial Technologies became part of the mentioned university in academic year 1997 -1998. So, it is important to say that this faculty was established one year earlier than the University of Alexander Dubček in Trenčín. The first graduates – engineers accomplished their university study at Faculty of Industrial Technologies in 2001 and it was the break point because the situation started to be better in relation to experts or professional manpower with academic education in the region as well as in the whole Slovakia. Although the foundation of faculty was subjected to needs and wants of region, nowadays it is national institution because people who would like to study at this faculty are from the whole Slovakia. Creators of educational content of the faculty were especially motivated by requirements of companies in region Púchov but they also paid regard to needs and wants which are closely connected with such specialist who would work around the whole Slovakia or even the world and these experts or specialist must be able to solve ecological aspects of manufacturing or production, development of new materials, utilization of home raw materials, reduction or elimination of problems relating to effective usage of raw materials as well as effective consumption of energy during the production process. These specialists would be also able to use home raw materials and semi products to increase the quality of final products. With the regard to personal and materials possibilities of faculty and requirements of industrial practice, the sequential modification, coordination and specification of study planes is connected with nowadays direction and aims of faculty, which is able to educate experts for scientific branches relating to technical materials and exactly, it is especially from the aspect of chemical, physical, mechanical properties of various materials as well as the environmental aspects of materials production processes are also included here. During the years of existence of Faculty of Industrial Technologies means that the perfect scientific and investigation base was formed here. Nowadays materials research, investigation and development are concerned with the sphere of composite materials and this mentioned fact is closely connected with complex approach to various aspects because this is the only way for ability to apply the given materials in the practice. All people who work at Faculty of Industrial Technologies are the active investigators of grant projects (VEGA, KEGA, AV, APVV) and various works which are relating to applied research in cooperation with the industry. Students of bachelor, engineering and doctoral study are also participants in these particular scientific and investigation works and projects and it is mainly connected with the creation of their final bachelor, diploma and dissertation works. Considerable scientific and research work of faculty employees can be proved by evidence of data which can be found in the University Library of Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín. Since the foundation of faculty, the close cooperation with industrial practice as well as the permanent growth and development of this cooperation is the priority of Faculty of Industrial Technologies. The given cooperation is focused on investigation of projects for needs and wants of manufacturing companies and it means that each assistant professor and professor of faculty is the principal investigator at least one of

project. The topics or themes of all diploma works are specified and determined on the base of requirements of enterprise activity and practice. The principal advisors or advisors of diploma and bachelor works are several experts who work in manufacturing enterprises and research institutions and by this way, there is the guaranty of practical realization of results relating to final works and it is the reason for formation of good conditions in relation to prove graduate’s worth in the enterprise or business activities. As a part of Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín, Faculty of Industrial Technologies with the seat in Púchov is an academic institution which performs its function in all spheres. This faculty has priority position in the structure of Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín. It has also stable position from the aspect of academic education in Slovakia and it has also significant and notable international status. The faculty had perfect references and results during the process of complex accreditation because all three degrees of academic study (Bc., Ing., PhD.) were defended and accredited. Moreover, this faculty as an only one faculty of the faculties of Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín has rights for performing of habilitations as well as appointing of professors in study field materials. This faculty is extraordinary because of its direct connection with the manufacturing practice and it is especially connected with education of experts for manufacturing practice as well as structure of study which is specialized according to given specific study programmes and by this way, the faculty is absolutely compatible with the models of education in prominent universities in countries of European Union.

Admission procedure

Computer-assisted Material Engineering Bc., full-time

Deadline for applications: 30.06.2024
Deadline of examination: 03.07.2024 – 03.07.2024

Materials Engineering Bc., full-time

Deadline for applications: 30.06.2024
Deadline of examination: 03.07.2024 – 03.07.2024

Accommodation and boarding


Accommodation for students of the Faculty of Industrial Technology is provided in the accommodation facility, which is located directly on the school premises.

The dormitory has a capacity that will satisfy all applicants.

There are standard 3-bed rooms. If the capacity is enabled, the student can pay extra for the above standard and live in the room alone or in pairs.

Current information about accommodation is published annually on the university website:

More information about accommodation: Ing. Michaela Nagyová,, tel. 032/7400 125


Meals are provided in the dining room, which is located in the dormitory. Students have the opportunity to buy lunches. Students have access to boarding kitchens.

The first three years of your studies could be funded by a scholarship of up to €9,000. More information

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