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A prestigious college with a history

University College Prague (UCP) was established by the merger of two renowned universities - the University of International and Public Relations Prague (VŠMVV) and the University of Hotel and Economics (VŠHE). UCP builds on the more than 20-year traditions of VŠMVV and VŠHE and continues to focus on education in the humanities, political and economic study programmes. Since 2007, it is the only private Czech university with a branch in Slovakia, which specializes in teaching International Relations and Diplomacy. The high quality of teaching is underscored by the fact that the programme guarantor is prof. PhDr. Eduard Gombár, CSc., who worked for many years in the diplomatic service. Thanks to the excellent reputation of our school, many important institutions (e.g. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic) cooperate with us, so we are able to arrange prestigious internships for our students. As part of the International Management and Marketing degree programme, students meet with practitioners and gain knowledge that they can use to build their own portfolio or business. The high focus on practical applicability is guaranteed by doc. Ing. Monika Palatková, Ph.D., who is a former director of the Czech Tourism Centre - CzechTourism and a member of several associations such as the prestigious International Organization of Experts in Tourism AIEST, the Czech Marketing Society, the Czech Management Association and the Society of Scientific Experts in Tourism SVECR. Moreover, only in our country can all distance learning students complete their bachelor's and master's degree in the standard length (3 and 2 years), as they will receive a Czech diploma after graduation.

When 5 is more than 7

Only in our country can distance learners complete their Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the standard length of 5 years and not 7, as is common for distance learning. Not only will these students not lose 2 extra years of their lives by studying, but they will also save a considerable amount of money by paying 2 years less tuition fees. For prospective students who are already working or about to work, we are the obvious choice!

Emphasis on quality and individuality

Learning is conducted in groups that are smaller than the average high school class and seminars are conducted in individual groups. As a result, teachers know students by name and see them as individuals rather than numbers in an index. It is also no problem to arrange individual tutoring sessions with teachers or to consult online.

Exclusive facilities

Teaching at UCP in Bratislava takes place in the unique premises of the second tallest building in the capital - Tower 115. All classrooms and offices are located on the 3rd floor, from which our students, teachers and visitors have a view of the whole of Bratislava.

Tower 115 is located in the heart of the newly emerging downtown area in the centre of Bratislava. This ensures seamless accessibility by car or public transport. In addition, thanks to its excellent location, students can, for example, pop into Eurovea during their lunch break, which is only a few metres away, or go to the Old Town with their classmates after school.

To ensure the utmost convenience for studying, each classroom is equipped with a state-of-the-art projector, sound system, camera system and Wi-Fi connection. In addition, all areas of the school are air-conditioned, so students are guaranteed maximum comfort even in the warm spring and summer months.

Successful alumni

A good name and reputation are for all of us. These two attributes in particular are the reason we have been in business for 20 years and have thousands of successful alumni stories behind us. Also thanks to a degree from UCP, many of our graduates have become successful politicians, managers, business owners, ambassadors or editors. All students who complete their studies automatically become members of the UCP Alumni Club, where they are in contact with other alumni and can help and support each other in their career development.

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