Concurrent issues in criminal law theory and practice - 11th edition

Type of event: Conference › With international participation
Event dates: 07.03.2023
Event location: Akadémia PZ v Bratislave
Organizer: Katedra trestného práva, Akadémia PZ v Bratislave
Professional sponsor of event: Dr. h. c. prof. JUDr. Lucia Kurilovská, PhD.
Held under the auspices of: Dr. h. c. prof. JUDr. Lucia Kurilovská, PhD.
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Keywords: criminal law substantive criminal law procedural criminal law Criminal Code Code of Criminal Procedure
Working languages: Czech

The main objective

The main goal of this, already traditional, interdisciplinary nationwide conference is to analyze doctrinal, interpretational and application issues of contemporary criminal law theory and practice. The conference strives to create space for exchange of information in the areas of substantive and procedural criminal law, as well as related scientific fields. The presentation of results achieved through various scientific projects in the conference's area of expertise also constitutes integral part of the conference, just like development of interdisciplinary discussion regarding the current state of criminal law and related scientific fields.

Topic circuits

  • contemporary questions and issues which need to be adressed with regard to new ways and methods of conducting criminal and other anti-social activities
  • exchenge of information and presentation of issues regarding foreign legal regulations
  • exchange of knowledge and information about contemporary research projects in the area of criminal law and related scientific fields

Next information

The registration deadline is February 24th 2023. Conference fee is 5,- €.

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