Non-conformist art under socialism in Central Eastern Europe and its transnational networks: parallel structures, communicating channels and nodes

Type of event: Conference › With international participation
Event dates: 02.03.2022
Event location: online
Organizer: Dr. A. Euringer Bátorová
Professional sponsor of event: Dr. A. Euringer Bátorová
Held under the auspices of: Dr. A. Euringer Bátorová
Link to conference site:
Keywords: non-conformist art clandestine and public communication channels and networks
Working languages: English

The main objective

The aim of the symposium in Bratislava is to assemble a pool of possible case studies from the CEE art of the 1970s through which we can explore the characteristics and mechanisms of cultural transfers. The principal aim of this event is to analyze the following questions: Are there any specificities of the clandestine and public communication channels and networks of non-conformist art in the former Eastern bloc? What characteristics can we trace and define by investigating archival materials? To what extent can we talk about systematic transnational community/communities and networks of transfer beyond national boundaries? What were the possible paths, hubs, nodes, crossroads and channels for and of cultural transfer?

Next information

Na konferenciu sa dá pripojiť priamo cez projektovú stránku, kde bude live-stream (nie je potrebné sa registrovať):

The symposium will be streamed on the project website and on Facebook 

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