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doc., Ing., PhD., MBA

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Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave
Národohospodárska fakulta

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Anonymné hlasovanie
19.06 2017

Passionate ambitious lecturer with keen eye to proffesionalism and huge sense of responsibility. At the lecture never waistes any minute of time by talking about rumours. Always uses time to transmit her wide knowledge to students, encourages them to broaden their horizons, look up and try to reach the sky as she does. Always desires to improve herself and to reach higher. She does not like to do mistakes as she is result oriented and does not want to belong to a crowd but to be unique. I would also point out to her willingness to help students in many areas including those not related to her initial competence and openness to different-minded people and ideas. She is not a conventional person and it is worthy to meet her.

Illia Sychevskyi
14.12 2016

High qualification, deep and comprehensive knowledge, and good interpersonal skills