Social Anthropology

Why study social anthropology?


People everywhere in the world live in and create cultures and societies. The science that studies them is called social and cultural anthropology. Anthropology is an ideal discipline for expanding our knowledge about we humans, and for gaining practical skills in preventing conflict between people from different social and cultural backgrounds.

People from different cultures realize themselves in different ways, providing differently the necessities of life, solving problems, enjoying or praying. Anthropology studies particular ways of life, ethnic and racial stereotypes and prejudices that attribute particular traits (laziness, warm-heartedness, effusiveness, etc.) to entire ethnic or religious groups. In practical terms, he can, for example, understand and explain why some Slovaks do not like Roma, why Central Europeans are so afraid of refugees, and how dangerous it is for politicians to spread hatred. But it also makes it possible, for example, to understand such things as taste or shopping behaviour.

Prospects of graduates

The graduate of the second degree of university study Social and Occupational Psychology masters the knowledge, methods and professional competences necessary for professional psychological activities in various sectors of social practice and scientific research activities. The student is able to apply theoretical and methodological knowledge to a variety of practical situations with a high degree of creativity and independence and professional competence. The content and method of study with emphasis on independent research within the framework of the diploma and laboratory project create the prerequisites that the study will be completed by high-quality and professionally mature graduates. They will find employment in practice in various spheres, levels and areas. The traditional area for application is the position of a psychologist in an organisation, enterprise or personnel consultancy, marketing and research agencies, as well as involvement in the personnel work system (selection, counselling, training of personnel, etc.). They will also find employment in non-profit organizations, in departments of various companies and organizations, whose task is to analyze and design both internal communication and communication with the public. They can be employed as advisors for personnel policy, heads or employees of human resources development departments in organizations. Graduation creates opportunities for employment at the highest levels of management in society (government, ministries, political structures, non-governmental institutions, public administration) and at the international level in organisations where the Slovak Republic is represented. In the environment of international organisations, in European structures, in international teams, it can be applied in solving problems of a transnational nature, such as issues of international relations, integration processes, social conflicts, negotiation processes, social deviations, cooperation and coexistence of ethnic groups, or consulting in the selection and training of personnel of multicultural groups.

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