Social and Occupational Psychology


We specialize in applied psychology, that is, psychology focused on practical problem solving. Most of our graduates work in areas such as HR, human resources, marketing or management. However, many also work in research or other areas. All of us who lecture here also have other activities and try to put students in touch with practice. We invite practitioners to our classes and send students to practice where they can learn something. Our approach has been successful: recruiters from large companies repeatedly tell us that they prefer our graduates to graduates from other schools. They know that they have finished a course that really gave them something.

Prospects of graduates

The scope of the study, the extent of knowledge necessary for its completion and especially the method of study with emphasis on independent processing of topics and presentation, independent research within the diploma project, create the prerequisites for the study to be completed by quality and professionally mature graduates. The evaluation criteria for the final thesis require a considerable degree of independence in problem solving and the presentation of original results obtained through research.Graduates of the second cycle of the Social and Occupational Psychology study programme, on the basis of the acquired knowledge, are able to apply theoretical knowledge to a variety of practical situations, are able to carry out research with a high degree of creativity and independence, communicate effectively with co-workers, build a positive social and creative atmosphere in the teams and make a positive contribution to the quality of the real social environment. Graduates of the Master's degree in Social and Occupational Psychology are proficient in the knowledge, methods and professional competences necessary for professional psychological activities in various sectors of social practice and scientific research activities.

Theoretical knowledge. In applied disciplines, the programme focuses on expanding knowledge of specialised psychological disciplines, deeper knowledge in the field of social and occupational psychology, and their interconnection. Graduates will be familiar with the principles of designing and conducting a challenging quantitative or qualitative research project, including statistical data analysis and multivariate statistics.

Practical and Additional Skills:The graduate of the second degree will acquire skills relevant to practice in social and occupational psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, work with the unemployed, and marketing. The student will be able to carry out diagnostics of ongoing social phenomena and their subsequent analysis, to professionally and methodologically correctly compile and apply adequate procedures for solving current social phenomena and processes, to apply practical procedures and activities with regard to the current situation, to participate in the formation and implementation of development programs of society. The graduate will have knowledge of other related fields of knowledge, skills for writing reports and articles, work as an individual and a member of a team, work in accordance with ethical and legal standards of work as a psychologist.

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Detail of the study program


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