Sensors and Avionics systems

The study is aimed at acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of study of electronics, with choice of the target orientationin the field of analysis, design, selection, implementation, operation, diagnosisand use of sensor or avionics systems. Graduates in response to field sensors and avionics,will acquire knowledge of general aviation and electrical engineering, electronics,engineering, and signal processing, basic knowledge of electrical, special, radio, radio-technical equipment and operational support aircraft. Acquire the skills of diagnosis and aeronautical survey failures, operator of the control-measuring and diagnostic equipment and the land navigation, reconnaissance, and providing warning systems, management and information systems,the flaw detection and analysis of issues of quality materials, industrial and traffic sensors and sensors intelligent buildings andobjects. Successful completion ofthe program, particularly the acquired knowledge and practicale xperience with the latest sensors and electronic systems of aircraft, ensuring its graduates professional application in the aerospace industry, as well asin service, manufacturing, research and development.

Prospects of graduates

Successful completion of the program, particularly the acquired knowledge and practical experience with the latest sensors and electronics ystems of aircraft, ensuringits graduates big professional applicationin the aerospace industry, as well as in service, manufacturing, research and development. Faculty of Aeronautics Graduates find workin the airlines and institutions (operatorsof aircraft,Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Transport PTSR, Air Traffic Services, Slovak Airports Administration) and organization sengaged inproduction, maintenance and repair of aviation and security equipment.Their education and they will create the conditions for application in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer companies in the automotive industry, public and government, the Air Force of the Armed Forces in foreign trade and so on. Graduates of the Faculty of Aeronautical and find application in foreign companies and organizations and to focus not only air.


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Conditions od admission

Admissionstostudyatthe Faculty ofAeronauticalplaceunderthe principlesset outinthe Order ofthe admissionprocedureof the TechnicalUniversityinKosice(Annex 1tothe StatuteTUKE).

Training requirements for the candidate:

     * successful completion of academic program 1 degree that is accredited in the same field of study, which is accredited degree program second degree to which the applicant reports,
     * or successful completion of another degree program (or department under the previous rules), the content and structure of subjects passed, however, guarantee eligibility to continue study in the chosen study program 2 degree. Upon receipt of the study, character study may be subject to registration of mandatory subjects of difference on the recommendation of the admission commission.

The entranceexaminationis performed.Conditionforadmission tostudyisobtainedfromstateassessmenttests(thethesisdefenseandthestatetestsin individual subjects)-betterthanE,t.j.over61%.The criterionforselectionfor the study oflearning outcomesareachievedin thefirststudy programdegree.The admissioncommissiondeterminedthe order ofcandidatesfor admission to studyattheirlocationinrankingpoints.Thisiscompiledbythe weightedaverage of theresults achievedin thefirstdegree ofhigher educationunderthe Ministry of EducationDecree614/2002on the creditsystemof study.Whenadopting thepreference shall be givencandidateswitha higherweighted-averageranking.

No entrance examinations

Conditions of admission without the entrance exam


Coordinator for students with specific needs

General information on the admission exam

Application for study is given in the prescribed form by mail (registered letter) to the Faculty of Aeronautics and personally to study the paper. Incomplete or late applications submitted for the study will not be accepted. Personal data on the application must be complete and correct, as confirmed by the candidate with his signature. Required medical certificate of fitness for university study and to practice in the chosen program of study (page 2 of application). Application Forms must be: list the results of the bachelor study - the courses, credits gained, a weighted average for the entire period of study (required to graduate from TUKE LF), annotations of subjects passed, unless eligibility for the study must assess the receiving commission (no graduates from LF TUKE ), certified copies of graduation - high school diploma, state examination certificate, diploma supplement (not required of graduates TUKE LF), CV (no LF graduates from TUKE), proof of payment handling fee, respectively. copy (affixed to the 3rd party application).

A candidate for the study along with an application to study and give consent to the processing of personal data in case of acceptance of TUKE - the "Giving consent to the processing of personal data" ( / lf - for candidates).

Aviation Science will acknowledge receipt of the application and send detailed information on admission procedures. Results of admission procedure will be published in the form of lists of registration numbers of candidates (those allocated to them and notified of receiving their application) at Faculty of Aeronautics. Any applicant who is admitted to the study, the decision will be sent on receipt of a return shall confirm with the beginning of the study. Any applicant who is not admitted to the study, will be sent to the decision not to accept the rationale and advising on possible further action. Studying individual study programs will open, if they logged on a sufficient number of candidates. Under § 58, para. 9 of Law no. 131/2002 Z.z. on universities and on amendment of certain acts as amended, if the applicant declares itself interested in the study or to provide information within a specified time, or be registered for a course, extinguished his right to enroll in the study of curriculum and faculty will offer another candidate in place order of the results of the admission procedure.

Detailed information about the SR system courses are posted at the Ministry of Education or visit the Accreditation Commission

Form of entrance exam

Without the entrance exam.

  • Apply the application for study


  • Submit additional application form


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Anticipated number of students to be accepted

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 500 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 25 €
E-application form: 20 €

Billing information

Account: SK96 8180 0000 0070 0020 1621
Variable symbol: 55903
Constant symbol:0308

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Detail of the study program


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