Pre-school and elementary pedagogy

Prospects of graduates

The graduates from the first level study programme of Pre-school and elementary pedagogy are qualified mainly the profession in the field of pre-school and out-of-school education. The graduates have the necessary pedagogic, psychological and practical knowledge for working with the respective age group, as well as in the area of organisational background of nursery schools and school clubs.

Information on the employment of graduates

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Conditions of admission

Pursuant to the Act No. 131/2002 Coll. the basic admission condition for the Bachelor study is the acquirement of full secondary school education or full secondary vocational education. Further admission conditions are:

- completed application for university study, sent by the specified deadline,

- successful passing of the entrance exams.

Additional information

Application for the Bachelor study contain:

- Officially verified photocopy of the annual and leaving exam certificate. Applicants taking a leaving exam in the academic year of 2009/10 shall submit the copy of the leaving exam certificate on the entrance exam date the latest.

- In case that the secondary school study results were not verified (not issued) by the respective secondary school, their verified photocopies must be enclosed to the application.

- Confirmation of health ability for university study and for performance of the profession in the selected study programme.

- Structured CV.

- Original of the fee payment slip for the admission procedure.

The completed application with the exactly specified attachments and document of fee payment for the admission procedure must be sent to the address: Univerzita J. Selyeho, Pedagogická fakulta, Bratislavská cesta 3322, 945 01 Komárno.

The faculty (Study Department of JSU) shall confirm in writing the reception of the application for study within 30 days as of the deadline for filing the applications, and at the same time sends detailed information on the contents and process of the entrance exams to the applicant. In case of need, the faculty determines a deadline for the applicant to supplement the missing documents.

In case of an electronic application, the results of the entrance exam will be published through AIS UJS and in case of an application filed on the ŠEVT form, the applicants will be informed by post.

The fee for the admission procedure at all three levels of the study:

- in case of an application submitted by post: EUR 50

- in case of an application submitted electronically (the printed version of the application must be attached): EUR 25

The admission procedure commences by filing the application to the faculty. The admission procedure fee shall not be returned.

The part-time form of Bachelor study may be charged with a fee. The amount of tuition at the FE JSU is determined pursuant to the Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on universities and on amendments and supplements of some acts and the internal regulation of JSU "The tuition and fees connected with the study at the J. Selye University in Komárno for the academic year of 2010/2011“.

In case of a low number of applicants for the study programme, the faculty reserves the right not to open the study programme and depending on the possibilities of the faculty offer study in a related study programme to the applicants.

In case of a lower number of enrolled applicants for the study programme than the planned number for admission, the faculty reserves the right to waive the performance of entrance exam.

In case of a larger number of applicants meeting the conditions for inclusion in the admission procedure without entrance exams than the planned number for admission, also these applicants will be obliged to perform an entrance exam.

Conditions for international students

The admission conditions for international students are the same as the admission conditions for the citizens of the Slovak Republic. Full secondary school education acquired abroad must be recognised (legalised) in the Slovak Republic and the respective documents must be submitted by the determined deadline to the Study Department.

Without entrance examinations

Conditions of admission without the entrance exam

The applicant will be recognised an entrance exam with full number of points (100) if he/she attended a leaving exam from one of the qualification subjects, and the average of the end-year results was not worse than 2.00.

Coordinator for students with specific needs

Zoltán Ulbrik, Mgr.
Koordinátor pre študentov so špecifickými potrebami

General information on the admission exam

Form of entrance exam

written and oral

  • Apply the application for study

    02.11.2020 - 31.03.2021

  • Submit additional application form

    14.04.2021 - 30.06.2021

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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • overená kópia maturitného vysvedčenia
  • vlastnoručne podpísaný životopis
  • fotokópia koncoročného vysvedčenia za 1‒3. ročník SŠ (v prípade študentov 5 ročného alebo 8 ročného gymnázia za posledné 3 roky SŠ) a za 1. polrok za posledný ročník SŠ

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 700 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 50 €
E-application form: 25 €

Billing information

Bank: State Treasury

Account number: 7000122827/8180

Variable symbol: Birth Registration Number of the applicant

Constant symbol: 0558

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Detail of the study program


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