Political Science

The graduate of Political Studies will have a sufficient theoretical basis of knowledge from the scientific politology disciplines, Comparative Political Science, Political Sociology, History of Political Theories, and Current Trends in Political Thinking. He/she will be able to orientate in the issues of organization and management of society, the functioning of regions within society and cross-border cooperation. At the same time, he/she acquires language skills, communication and presentation skills to enter and apply professionally in several areas of society (public administration, civic associations, mass media, international organizations). He/she will be ready to independently, creatively and efficiently address current issues of company development, present alternatives, and effectively communicate with partners both in the domestic and foreign policy. Another option is professional work in the field of political counselling, scientific research, political life, multinational companies and journalism. He/she will have adequate foreign language skills for his /her professional activity.


Prospects of graduates

Practical Application

The important sphere of practical application for graduates of the Political Science Department is the structure of state and public administration (state and local institutions of the national, regional and local level) as well as third sector entities, civic associations, foundations, specialists in public opinion research and market research and multinational corporations.

Information on the employment of graduates

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Conditions of admission

Full secondary education.

1.  Certified photocopy of a school-leaving certificate by a notary or a Registrar (not a secondary school) (This year's graduates will receive this document as soon as they are received but at the latest on the day of enrollment).

2.  A copy of the final certificate of the last grade of the secondary school.

Additional information

General conditions and information:

  • The applicant can send only one application form to the Political science study programme and mark one form of study (daily or external).
  • · The decision on admission / non-admission to the study will be sent to the applicant in written form no later than 30 days after the validation of application (verification of fulfilment of all admission conditions).

• Applicant who has received a decision of acceptance is required to enrol according to the instructions he/she receives in written form together with the decision of admission to study.

• According to Act no. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions, as amended, Section 59 (3), faculties have the right to require from the received applicants information on whether they want to enrol for study. If the applicant fails to provide the information in due time, he/she will be denied the right to enrol in the study.

Conditions for international students

Information for applicants from abroad


The admission conditions for foreign students are identical to the admission conditions for Slovak students.


1. The same conditions apply to applicants from the Czech Republic as for applicants from the Slovak Republic.


2. Applicants from others states follow the instructions announced on our homepage: https://tnuni.sk/uchadzaci/uznavanie-dokladov-o-vzdelani/uznanie-dokladov-o-vzdelani-na-ucely-pokracovania-v-studiu/.

Without entrance examinations

Conditions of admission without the entrance exam

Full secondary education.

Coordinator for students with specific needs

Kontakt na študijné oddelenie 

Bc. Katarína Hrnčárová

e-mail: katarina.hrncarova@tnuni.sk

telefón: 032/7400 911

General information on the admission exam

No acceptance test, based on the results of the previous study.

  • Apply the application for study


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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: 660 €
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 660 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 19 €
E-application form: 19 €

Billing information

Admission fee: 19 €

Bank: Štátna pokladnica

Account: SK1381800000007000065375

Variable symbol: 19002

Specific symbol: Birth number of the candidate without a slash

information to recipient: Name and surname of the applicant

Address of the faculty: Trenčianska univerzita Alexandra Dubčeka v Trenčíne, Katedra politológie, Študentská 2, 911 50  Trenčín


All applicants for admission to the Department of Political Science who meet the admission requirements and enroll at the university will have the admission fee refunded.

Always up-to-date news about university on your email.
We will send you all the information about important events and deadlines.

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Detail of the study program


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