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The study programme is practically oriented, improving the skills and experience that are highly relevant and valued by employers. Expected learning outcomes (knowledge and skills) reflect this goal. The programme includes studies in the dynamic developing market economy, as well as studies of international and intercultural structures of study groups. This study program is designed for graduates with bachelor degrees in finance, economics and cognate study programs. 

Prospects of graduates


Study program support critical thinking, which is an essential characteristic of master degree course. It encourages students to deeply and thoroughly analyze theories, problems and open questions in order to be able to formulate a balanced argument to explain the internal processes in organizations. An important part of critical thinking is a reflection and evaluation to assess the problem and get the right decision.

Planning, implementation and results of decisions are an integral part of professional life. This requires both operational and strategic decisions. Expected outcomes of the study program reflect this important capability. Decision-making with creativity and curiosity allow individuals to look at problems from different perspectives and propose competent and accurate solutions to problems.

It is needed in globalized world that students take into account the international context. An important element of the study program International Finance is to develop the ability to analyze the situation in a global context.

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Conditions of admission

Acceptance into the study program

  1. The Admission Commission will review submitted documents of applicants and determine their ranking. The commission will accept only complete applications. The number of selected students will depend on the quality and quantity of all potential applicants and the capacity of the university.
  2. Selection procedure will be held from 13th June to 30th June, 2017. It goes ahead without participation of applicants on the ground of examination of submitted documents.
  3. If an applicant has not finished the 1th degree of university study, because his/her study will be finished later, he/she will be accepted to the study conditionally. This kind of applicant is obliged to submit together with application form a document about completed study for the time being and a document about supposed term of graduation of the 1th degree of university study confirmed by signature of university representative and university stamp. Final decision about acceptance to the study will be given after submitting the certificate about graduation of the 1th degree of university study.
  4. Date of the notification about acceptance for the study program
    A decision about acceptance will be sent by post by 31th July, 2017 (the latest term). Accepted applicants will get documents back on request if it is necessary for arrangements of long-term visa or temporary stay.
  5. Information about conditions considering to entry of foreigners and stay of foreigners in the Slovak Republic are accessible on (Migracne informacne centrum)

Additional information

Registration to the study program

Students accepted to the study program have to take part in the enrollment process in person. It will be held in September, 2017 The academic year 2017 – 2018 will start on September, 25 2017.

In accordance with Slovak juridical system University of Economics in Bratislava has got a claim to require an information from accepted applicants, if they will enroll at a study. If an applicant does not provide university with information in the term prescribed by the University Act, his/her right to enroll at a study expires.

Further information:

General information on the admission exam

Informácie k prijímacím skúškam na 2. stupeň štúdia sú zverejnené na stránke:


EU v Bratislave akceptuje iba takú elektronickú prihlášku, ktorá bude vytvorená v Akademickom informačnom systéme (AIS2) EU v Bratislave. EU v Bratislave nebude preberať do svojho systému elektronické prihlášky vytvorené na portáli VŠ ( 

Elektronická prihláška s návodom na jej vypĺňanie bude zverejnená po 1. 1. 2019 na stránke:

Poplatok za prijímacie konanie je možné uhradiť výhradne bankovým prevodom (nie poštovým poukazom). Prevodný príkaz na úhradu v banke nie je dokladom o úhrade poplatku za prijímacie konanie. Ako doklad možno uznať výpis z bankového účtu, resp. potvrdenie o úhrade alebo potvrdenie o zrealizovanej platbe z internetového bankovníctva.

  • Apply the application for study

    01.10.2020 - 30.04.2021

  • Performance of the entrance exam

    01.05.2021 - 02.07.2021

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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • See Admission Requirements (paper form, electronic form)
  • MSc. in International Finance Application Form for Academic Year 2017/2018 (paper form, electronic form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: 1500 €
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 1000 €

The fee for admission procedure
E-application form: 32 €

Billing information

Tuition fee

The tuition fee is 1 500,- EUR per academic year. Tuition has to be paid before the beginning of the academic year, hence before day of enrolment.

Payment of the tuition on the account:

Ekonomicka univerzita v Bratislave, Dolnozemska cesta 1/b, 852 35 Bratislava, Slovak Republic 
Account Nr: 7000080671/8180

Variable Symbol: 


IBAN: SK47 8180 0000 0070 0008 0671 

Bank: VÚB, a. s., Mlynske Nivy, Bratislava

Always up-to-date news about university University of Economics in Bratislava on your email.
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Detail of the study program

Chystáš sa študovať na vysokej škole na Slovensku? Teraz môžeš získať štipendium až 9 000 € počas prvých troch rokov štúdia. More information

Detail of the study program


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