Human Resources and Personnel Management

Prospects of graduates
  • departments engaged in personnel and human resources development within manufacturing enterprises, state-owned, public and non-profit organizations.,
  • Human Resource departments in multinationals and foreign enterprises based in Slovakia,
  • personnel agencies, educational, counselling and social organizations under state and local governments, 
  • non-profit organizations (civil associations, foundations, funds, chambers, charities and religious organizations).

Graduate profile
Graduates of the Master program of study in Human Resources and Personnel Management can create conceptual human resources development programs, develop personnel policies and ensure their execution. Knowledge and skills acquired enable graduates to analyse independently and creatively the areas of human resources and labour market. Graduates demonstrate an ability to manage teams and to design and implement employment projects. The curriculum allows graduates to acquire theoretical knowledge on economy and society, recent trends and ideas in management, principles of human resources development, and methods and techniques specific to people management.

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Conditions od admission

Applicants who completed a Bachelor's degree programme of minimum 3 years (Act No. 131/2002 Coll.) or completed their full higher-education studies in the length of 5 years (Act No. 172/1990 Coll.) can be admitted to Master's degree programme in Human Resources and Personnel Management.

Additional information

Vypísanie 2., prípadne ďalšieho kola prijímacieho konania zváži dekan fakulty a prijímacie konanie bude do 15 dní od uzavretia prihlášok.

Conditions for international students

Admission criteria apply to both international and Slovak students.

We would like to inform you about free slovak language courses organized by our university (Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín). Courses will have two parts. First part from 02. september 2019 till 20. september 2019 will be intensive every day course. Second part will be not so frequent, from 23. september 2019 till the end of calendar year it will be 2-3 times a week, depend on students needs. Comming week: from 26. august 2019 till 30. august 2019 (accommodation arranging). First lesson: on Monday 2. september 2019 (opening day and introducing university).

Information for applicants from abroad for II. (master´s, engineering, ) degree study or III. (postgraduate) degree study.

1. Applicants from the Czech Republic have the same conditions as applicants from the Slovak Republic.

2. For applicants with whom the Slovak Republic has concluded a contract on the mutual recognition of equivalence of educational documents or the state of the European Higher Education Area.

Pursuant to § 39 of Act no. 422/2015 Coll. on Recognition of Education Documents and on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications and on Amendments to Certain Laws (hereinafter referred to as "the Act"), the evidence of education pursuant to Section 33 1 of the Act and § 36 par. (1) and (2) of the Act issued by a recognized educational institution of a Member State or of a third country with which an international agreement on mutual recognition of equivalence of educational documents has been concluded (Czech Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine) the Republic is bound to be recognized as equivalent automatically for the purposes of continuing the study.
If it is a certificate of education pursuant to § 33 par.1 of the Act issued by a recognized educational institution of the European Higher Education Area (Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece , The Holy See, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain , Sweden, Switzerland, Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Belarus), the level of education is recognized as equivalent automatically for the purposes of continuing education.


Applicant submits a written request on recognition of education document to TnUAD which must contain:

  • first name and surname of applicant;
  • address of permanent residence or similar residence of applicant;
  • subject of request;
  • name and address of recognized university, where the document on completed education was issued;
  • year confirming the end of applicant’s study;
  • applicant’s signature.

Annex to the request:

  • copy of identification card;
  • verified copies of education documents;
  • document on the payment of administrative fee

The applicant is required to produce a certified translation of the documents into the Slovak language. TnUAD assesses the request within 7 days from receipt of the request. If the application does not have the prescribed formalities, the proceedings shall be interrupted and shall ask the applicant to complete the missing documents or to remedy the deficiencies of the application. TnUAD will issue within 15 days of receipt of the complete application a decision stating with which evidence of education the evidence of presented proof of education is equivalent.

3. For applicants from another Member State or third country

Under § 33 par. 1 of the Act Recognizing the Certificate of Education issued by recognized higher education institutions in another Member State or in a third country for the purpose of continuing the studies shall be decided by TnUAD, who carries out study programs in the same study or related fields of study as mentioned in the education document.

The applicant shall submit a written application for recognition of the evidence of education which must contain the information referred in point 2. The application shall include in particular:

  • copy of identification card;
  • verified copies of education documents;
  • statement of completed subjects and completed exams;
  • verified copy of supplement to university diploma, if it is issued by the given recognized university;
  • information about the educational background, what is the subject of request (a copy is enough);
  • verification of authenticity of signatures and stamp of university on the education documents by an authorized authority of a member state or third state, if an international agreement does not determine it;
  • document on the payment of administrative fee (stamp in a value of 6,50 € - undamaged and unglued).

The ADUT, within the meaning of § 34 of Statue book, decides about the recognition of education documents at the latest two months since the delivery of a complete request and also decides: 

  • on the recognition of education document;
  • on the rejection of request on the recognition of education document;
  • on the imposition of differential exam.


No entrance examinations

Coordinator for students with specific needs

Ing. Eva Koišová, PhD., MBA, e-mail:

General information on the admission exam

Applicants shall indicate the study in English language next to the study programme.

It is advisable to fill the application electronically via https://e-prihlaska.tnuni.skIt is not required to print the e-form. Applicants must, however, send the following enclosures to the Faculty Study Department:

  • copy of the Bachelor degree diploma attested by a notary or register office. 
    Graduates of 2019 are required to submit a notary attested copy of the Bachelor degree diploma upon its receipt, not later than the enrolment date. This is not applicable to 2019 graduates from FSEV TnUAD.
  • A certificate of recognition of the Bachelor degree awarded by foreign institutions of higher education is required to be submitted not later than the enrolment date. (Higher education diplomas issued in the Czech Republic are automatically considered as equivalent, i.e. with no further action)

Important information for applicants:

  • Applicants shall not write the course units taken and grades received in the course of their Bachelor study.
  • E-application is registered in the Academic Information System (AIS) when "saved".
  • If the admission fee is not paid via the e-application within 8 days from being in the "preklopená/flipped" status, applicants shall check whether their payment was made with the chief accountant:
  • Applicants who completed an associated Bachelor's degree programme or other Bachelor's degree programmes or completed their full higher-education studies in the length of 5 years can be admitted to Master's degree programme in Human Resources and Personnel Management. Applicants, who are graduates of Bachelor's degree programmes from other institutions of higher education, shall take examinations in selected compulsory course units in the Bachelor's degree programme of Human Resources and Personnel Management.    
  • Applicants who did not pay the fee will not receive a decision on admission.
  • The selection procedure starts with the delivery of applications for study. The application must be delivered by the deadline as set by the faculty. The Faculty will not send notifications on the registration of applications. Applicant registration in AIS can be checked in the e-application, the application status is "preklopená/flipped".
  • The Dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Relations shall appoint a board for the admission procedure, consisting of a chairman and its members. The commission shall verify whether all the requirements related to the Master's degree programme are met.
  • The dean shall decide on the admission to study based on the recommendations by the board members.
  • Unsuccessful applicants may submit a request to examine the decision on the admission procedure to the dean within eight days from its delivery.
  • Applicants who received a decision on admission are required to enrol to the programme of study as instructed in writing.

  • Open day


  • Apply the application for study

    30.01.2019 - 20.09.2019

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Anticipated number of students to be accepted

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 660 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 34 €
E-application form: 34 €

Billing information

Invoice data to pay the admission procedure fee will be generated automatically in the form of a bank order after submitting the e-application, which can be found on!/home.

The fee must be paid within 14 days of sending the e-application. 

If you do not use the e-application process described above and submit a printed application, the information on payment will be sent upon its receipt to your e-mail address.

The fee must be paid within 14 days of the payment order sent.

Always up-to-date news about university on your email.
We will send you all the information about important events and deadlines.

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Detail of the study program


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