Dental Hygiene

Fakulta zdravotníckych odborov Prešovskej univerzity v Prešove je inštitúcia, ktorej hlavnou úlohou je vychovávať študentov v akreditovaných nelekárskych študijných programoch na úrovni poznatkov súčasnej doby, vedeckých a výskumných výsledkoch.

Prospects of graduates

Within prevention, the dental hygienist performs:

anamnesis, extraoral and intraoral examination of patient,

patient motivation (instruction on anatomy in the mouth cavity, information on the structure of set of teeth, information on how plaque is formed, etc.),

patient instructing (correct technique of cleaning the set of teeth using a toothbrush and dental thread, cleaning of interdental areas and others),

analysis of correct eating habits in assessment of decays of patient's set of teeth, in application of correct cleaning agents (toothpaste, mouth wash, etc.),

local fluoridation of teeth in school and pre-school facilities,

instructing and training of cleaning the set of teeth in school and pre-school facilities,

sealing the dental fissures of children.

In maintenance stomatology, the dental hygienist performs:

detailed patient examination,

examination of tooth vitality,

execution of X-rays and study models,

examination of indexes, state of periodontiums, oral hygiene and mucous membranes,

polishing of fillings,

regular patient check-ups (so-called recall),

detection of deficiencies in reconstruction works,

removal of the plaque retention places,

instructing of handicapped patients.

In paradontology, the dental hygienist performs:

examination of periodontal pockets,

removal of solid and soft sediments,

deep cleaning,

root polishing,

closed curettage,

irrigation of periodontal pockets,

regular check-ups (recall system).

In orthodontia, the dental hygienist performs:

construction of study models,

removal of locks and rings according to the doctor's instructions,

polishing and fluoridation of teeth after taking of the fixing apparatus,

instructing of patients on care for the set of teeth before and after application of the fixing apparatus.

In implantology, the dental hygienist performs:

instructing the patient on different care for teeth, implants and suprastructures,

preparing the patient before the actual surgical intervention,

instructing the patient on using the tools for cleaning implants and suprastructures.

At the stomatological departments the dental hygienist performs before surgical interventions:

instructing the patient on how to take care of oral hygiene after surgical interventions,

participates in taking care of patients after dispensarisation (diabetics, oncological patients, patients with reduced defensiveness, etc.).

The dental hygienist also:

performs professional dental hygiene and instructing of patients on individual dental hygiene, e.g. in the process of their preparation for the planned surgical intervention (cardio surgery, ORL), at oncological stations, in facilities for mentally and physically handicapped persons, etc.

Further performs:

further operations according to the need and instructions of dentists,

keep their own documentation (anamnesis, treatment, indexes, therapy, recall),

care for instrumentarium and devices that they use (teeth grinding, disinfection, cleaning, sterilisation, etc.).

publication activity and research activity from the area of dental hygiene,

cooperates in research and epidemiological studies from the area of stomatology.

Information on the employment of graduates

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Conditions of admission

Bachelor studies - full-time form

successful completion of secondary school study with leaving exam,

confirmation of health ability for university study,

successful completion of the entrance exam.

Bachelor studies - part-time form

completion of study at the Secondary Health Care School with leaving exam, (alternatively secondary or full secondary vocational education completed with a leaving exam for the branch of Urgent Health Care)

1 year of practice in the field

confirmation of health ability for university study,

successful completion of the entrance exam.

After completion of the Bachelor studies it is possible to continue in Master studies at the faculties of the University of Prešov (e.g. Management, Psychology, Pedagogy), or at the faculties and universities having an accredited Master studies in these study branches.

Conditions for international students

The condition of admission is submission of the document on secondary education completion with a leaving exam. The documents must be officially verified and submitted by the determined deadline to the Study Department of the faculty. The above mentioned admission condition is also valid for foreign applicants, namely: confirmation on health ability for university study.

The applicants are recommended to attend a preparation course of Slovak language organised by the Institute for Language and Academic Preparation of the Comenius University. Self-payers are admitted upon a contract.

Conditions of admission without the entrance exam




General information on the admission exam

The fee for material assurance of the admission procedure shall be paid by the applicants via a money order of type "U".

The original of the fee payment slip must be pasted on page 3 of the application.

The applicants shall thoroughly complete pages 1 - 3 of the application.

On page 2 of the application it is necessary to fill in the table all the marks and their averages according to the leaving exam and year-end school reports.

The application must be duly signed with indication of the date.

The copy of the leaving exam certificate verified by a notary public must be enclosed to the application, as well as a structured CV, (confirmation of the employer on practice - refers only to part-time study), recommendation of the general physician for study in the given field.

Form of entrance exam

written test, practical part


from biology, scope of grammar school study, aptitude exams, externs with focus on the branch

  • Apply the application for study


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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

  • leaving certificate (paper form)
  • medical certificate (paper form)
  • CV (paper form)
  • doklad o zaplatení poplatku za prijímacie konanie (paper form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: 800 €
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 800 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 35 €
E-application form: 30 €

Billing information

Bank: State Treasury

Account number: 7000082677/8180

Variable symbol: 2010

Address: FZ PU Prešov, Partizánska 1, 080 01 Prešov

Always up-to-date news about university University of Presov in Presov on your email.
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Detail of the study program


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