The students shall be familiar with the factors affecting the production quality formation including the genotype, environment, cultivation and animal breeding technologies.Agrofood students acquire knowledge on biochemical, chemical, and physical changes as well as processes occurring in agricultural products during their production or post-harvest treatment and storage.They are expected to master modern approaches related to the storage of agricultural products and foodstuffs from a qualitative as well as economical standpoint.The students shall de able to assess, evaluate and analyze raw materials and foodstuffs taking into consideration different quality aspects as per the Food Act of the Slovak Republic and corresponding international standards.The graduates learn about different possibilities to process and analize diverse steps of the agricultural production as well as different strategies leading to a more profitable sale of the final product.

Prospects of graduates

Agrofood graduates have the opportunity to get employed by agribusinesses and agricultural stock companies,particularly in the field of buying, storage and assessment of raw materials, foodstuffs and agricultural goods.Potencial employersinclude agricultural companies of diverse organizational structure,particularly those focused on the processing of food products.At the same time,graduates may find employment in service enterprises,institutions of control,supervision and inspection,insurance industry,domestic and international trade organizations and companies operative in the sector of agricultural and food commodities.

Information on the employment of graduates

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Conditions of admission

Candidatesforthe studywill be consideredbythe scoreobtainedon thebasis ofresults ofstudyin highschoolandthe resultsobtainedinthe matriculation examination.
The evaluations will be favored candidates, who in the course of secondary education and passed the matriculation examination subjects chemistry and biology. Point limit for admission will be determined by the receiving commission on the number of students admitted to degree programs and current scoring candidates for study.
Foreign applicantfromEuropean Union member statesor statesthat areparties to the Agreementon the European EconomicAreaandSwissConfederation,súadmissionunder the sameconditions as nationals ofthe Slovak Republic.

Additional information


The main mission of the faculty is to prepare qualified, university-educated professionals based on knowledge and mastering the latest developments in biological sciences focused on modern methods of construction, evaluation and processing of food and specific products of biotechnology. The aim is to achieve technological and biological integrity of the system, starting and ending agricultural products food. During the course the student will acquire knowledge for the production and evaluation of quality and safe food.

Studentscan beaccommodatedin the studio.A.Bernolákahomes,Youth,FarmerandPribina.Studentseatin thecanteenandhostelYouthA.Bernoláka.

Conditions for international students

ForeignapplicantsfromEU member statesor statesthatarepartiesto the Agreementon theEuropeanspaceandthe SwissConfederation,the Republic of Belarus,BosniaandHerzegovina,the Republic of Montenegro,the Republic of Macedonia,Moldova,Republic of Serbia,Ukraineorcitizensresidingin a Member State,areadoptingthe sameconditions asnationals of the SlovakRepublic.

Foreign bidders from other countries can apply for study at FBP SPU:

     * after successful completion of the Institute of Language and training UK and the entrance examination at the faculty (for self-payers contracted +)
    *upon receipt ofmorethan10students-foreigners(self-payers),faculty mayprovideall theteachingcurriculuminEnglish.

Conditions of admission without the entrance exam

Candidateswillparticipateonlyoraladmissioninterviewwith requireddocuments.Receipt ofthelocation in thecomputerrankingcompiledonthe basisof resultsachievedduringher secondaryschoolandmatriculation examination.By meetingthe planned number ofstudentsinthe respective studyprogramDean mayaccept a furthercandidatesin order ofqualifyingforanotherdegreeprogramfaculty.

Coordinator for students with specific needs

Ing. Eva Ivanišová, PhD.

tel.: 037/641 4421, e-mail:

General information on the admission exam

*Graduatesof secondary schoolstosendapplications(firstdegree)Bachelor'sstudyprograms.
     * One application could be made even more faculty study programs - in order of interest in these programs (fee is paid only one).
     * The application is necessary to confirm medical fitness to higher education (for other applications).
     * attach to your application and CV candidates who do not have graduation this school year, and a certified copy of high school.

     * Upon successful completion of bachelor degree students can pursue graduate study in any of these programs.
    *Faculty ofcontestantssendinformation about theadmission processby 20 May 2017.

Form of entrance exam


  • Apply the application for study

    01.01.2022 - 28.02.2022

  • Send certificate to


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Anticipated number of applicants to be accepted

Current number of filed applications:

  • leaving certificate (electronic form)
  • medical certificate (electronic form)
  • doklad o úhrade (electronic form)

Annual tuition fees
Standard length of study: cost free
Study longer than the standard length of study program, parallel studies: 700 €

The fee for admission procedure
application form: 20 €
E-application form: 20 €

Billing information

FEE Admissions:

The fee material to ensure the admission procedure (the fee)

the programs of FBP for academic year 2017/2018 are:

 1. Bachelor's degree program:

  40 €  - paper form

  38 €  - electronic aplication

The fee depends on what kind of application you choose, either:

- The electronic application - the fee you pay without cash according to the instructions provided in the electronic application,

 - A classic application (paper form, which you purchased in SEVT, or you were in school, etc..) - We recommend the most appropriate method of fee payment through internet banking, if necessary. bank transfer, postal order is certainly not, and even the type of U.

For realization of payments through internet banking, if necessary. bank transfer, you need the following information:

IBAN: SK40 8180 0000 0070 0006 6247

the constant symbol (KS) 0558

the variable symbol (VS) 105900

on a specific symbol (SS) 105900721

Report on the recipient - name and surname of the candidate studies (made without diacritics).

 For the execution fee payments from other countries are needed the following data:

the IBAN: SK4081800000007000066247 


the bank name and address: Štátna pokladnica
                                          Radlinského 32
                                         810 05 Bratislava             

the constant symbol (KS) 0558

the variable symbol (VS) 105900

on a specific symbol (SS) 105900721

the message to the recipient - surname and name of the candidate to study (made without diacritics).

NOTE: payment order fill in carefully, and avoid potential problems with identifying your payment.

Proof of payment of a fee please add the application!

Address for sending applications:

Faculty of Biotechnology and Food

Slovak University of Agriculture

Educational Chamber

Tr. A. Hlinku 2

949 76 Nitra

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Detail of the study program


037 / 641 48 81
0911 154 882
0911 154 214


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