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Foreign language study programs are not provided.

Faculty profile

Music Arts with a focus on keyboard, strings and winds, vocal performance and musical singing, choral conducting and composition

The Faculty of Performing Arts is the founding faculty of the Academy of Arts. It trains future artists in the field of musical arts. Studies at the faculty are covered by prominent artistic personalities who, through the educational process, prepare students not only for an artistic career, but also for their pedagogical profiling in the field of arts education.

Students actively participate in various artistic groups as part of their studies. Students can perform artistically in the school orchestra Camerata Novisoliensis, the Academy Big Band orchestra, the mixed choir Canzona Neosolium, the women's choir Canzona Neosolium, as well as in the contemporary music ensemble KOMPOST.

The students are also involved in the school orchestra Camerata Novisoliensis, the Academy Big Band orchestra, the mixed choir Canzona Neosolium, the women's choir Canzona Neosolium, as well as in the contemporary music ensemble KOMPOST.

Through individual and collective forms of artistic presentation, students actively participate not only in the formation of the cultural profile of the school, but also of the city of Banská Bystrica. The Faculty of Performing Arts is the venue of several important international events. Traditionally, international events are held at the school - Bass fest, Meeting over a choral score, Reflection, international festival of performing and compositional arts InterComp.

Admission procedure

Accommodation and boarding



Kollárova 20, 974 01 Banská Bystrica

Director of the School of Fine Arts: Mgr. Katarína Stareková
tel., fax: +421 48 4320 444 , e-mail:

AU School of Education and Culture Director: Miriam Beňušová
tel.: +421 48 4320 445 (from 8.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m.)

The accommodation capacity of the AU School is 136 seats.

The price of accommodation in the AU Student Centre is 50 € per bed/calendar month

Application deadline for AU student accommodation:

From 1 February to 31 May of the calendar year

The Academy of Arts provides accommodation in the Student House, ul. Jána Kollára 20, Banská Bystrica exclusively in double rooms with sanitary facilities. The amount of accommodation fees according to the AU Dormitory Regulations depends on the total operating costs. The approval of applications for accommodation in the AU Student Union is governed by Act No 131/2020 Coll. 124 - AU Boarding Regulations, as amended from time to time.

The Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, within its capacity, provides accommodation for students of the faculties of the Academy of Arts in B.B. in its own accommodation facility, which is located directly on the campus of the school. Accommodation is also provided to foreign students within the framework of the ERASMUS+ exchange study programme.

The AU DS has a common room available for the AU students accommodated. Three kitchenettes equipped with a stove, oven and microwave oven, as well as drink and snack vending machines are available for the catering needs of the students accommodated in the AU School of Science and Technology. The students staying in the dormitory have free use of internet kiosks in the AU lobby and on the first floor of the AU School of Science and Technology, as well as a full-screen Wi-Fi internet connection.

The students can also use the internet kiosks in the AU lobby and on the first floor of the AU School of Science and Technology.



Other services


The Academic Library of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica is an organizational part of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica and provides library and information services for its users, who are scientific and research workers in the field of art, university teachers, students of all forms and levels of study and the professional public.
The seat of the Academic Library of the Academy of Arts is the building of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Horná 95, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, tel.: 048 4320 kl. 401/402/403, e-mail: ,,
The library is equipped with audio-visual and multimedia reproduction equipment and allows the playback of audio and video media. Thanks to the implementation of the project "Improvement of the conditions of the educational process by modernization of ICT, internal equipment and reconstruction of buildings at AU BB", which was co-financed from EU resources, the library was equipped with modern projection sets, which include data video projectors, mobile computer sets for video and data projection and TV projection sets. These include large LCD screens, multimedia network players, blue-ray players and home cinemas. The library has 15 terminal workstations with Internet access and print output, two of which are specially adapted to the needs of visually impaired users.

The Academic Library of the Academy of Arts is involved in the KIS3G - Library Information System of the 3rd Generation project and is one of the cooperating entities of the library ensemble catalogue available on the Slovak Library portal. The online library catalogue is available on the website

The Academic Library of the Academy of Arts is also involved in the NISPEZ 4 project - Research and Development Information System - Database Accesses for the Needs of Research Institutions, which is implemented by the Centre for Scientific and Technical Information in Slovakia. The strategic objective of the national project is to modernise the national infrastructure for information support of science and innovation in Slovakia as a system solution with a direct impact on increasing the performance and excellence of research and development in Slovakia and economic growth. Within the framework of this project the following electronic information resources were made available in the library.:Springer Link, Springer eBooks, Springer Nature.

The following databases of the GALE publishing house were also made available in the library through the national license of electronic information resources, coordinated by the Slovak National Library in Martin.:Academic Onefile, Custom Journals, General Onefile.

The library collection consists of books, collections, periodicals, special documents /music/, audiovisual and electronic documents, electronic information resources, bachelor, diploma and dissertation theses defended at the Academy of Arts. The library acquires, processes, protects and makes available library and information collections from the Academy of Arts' profile disciplines and from cross-cutting social disciplines in order to fulfil the principle of free access of citizens to information and documents. It specialises in literature and documents in the fields of drama, music and the visual arts. Information about individual library documents is available in the library's online catalogue.

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