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E-learning module was created for the purpose of registration of university e-courses and e-objects.

The module is designed especially for university teachers to get an overview of which courses and to what extent are developed at Slovak universities, so that they can cooperate with authors of these courses to avoid unnecessary work - creating duplicate courses if a course has already been developed and it can be used in a study program or as an additional learning support. The module can also serve as a possible choice of course supervisors with already prepared teaching support. The module is also intended for students of all levels of study who can find further sources of study in this way, because courses, respectively objects is freely accessible, respectively they can be studied remotely.

Course name School Author
Ochrana stromov pri stavebnej činnosti SPU prof. Ing. Viera Paganová,PhD.
Procesné a dátové modelovanie UKF Martin Drlík
Databázové systémy UKF Martin Drlík
Moodle KI UKF UKF Martin Cápay
Modul 5: Databázový systém (MS Access) UKF Martin Cápay
Martin Drlík
Programovanie 1 - Delphi UKF Martin Cápay
Viera Palmárová
Ján Skalka
Programovanie internetových aplikácií UKF Jozef Kapusta
Numerická matematika UKF Mgr. Martin Vozár, PhD.
Elektronické publikovanie unentered Rudolf Rössel
Jaroslav Mišovych
Tvorba v sadovníckom kvetinárstve SPU Ing. Dagmar Hillová, PhD.


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